USACO Bronze

The best USACO Bronze training program that thoroughly prepares students with the objective to advance into the USACO Silver division.

Our complete and laser-focused Bronze curriculum is specifically designed for students to reach Silver level in the most efficient and solid way possible. 2-hours long lessons are organized by topics and cover all techniques a student needs to learn and practice in the USACO Bronze division, in the best fine-tuned and progressive order. With 50+ USACO Bronze problems, all with thorough key analysis and highly readable and commented solutions, the curriculum thoroughly prepares students to ascend to the next level.


Fundamental Java Programming

Best Java class for beginners with zero or minimum programming exposures to solidly get into the wonderful world of computer science. No prior experience required.  Be prepared to be amazed at how much you will learn and morph into passionate programmers and avid CS pursuer!

Required grade: G7+ (Incoming grade for Fall 2021)



Intermediate Java Programming

This is our intermediate level java class for student to take after they complete the Fundamental Java Course. Must take to further stimulate student’s passion in computer science and solidify their fundamental knowledges and programming skills.
A perfect stepping stone towards USACO and AP Computers Science A!
Total # of Lessons: 15

APCS A Review and Test Prep

We offer APCS Test Prep class every Spring semester for students who seeks review and intensive preparation for the AP Computer Science exam. Students can also take the course any time throughout the year with the self-paced mode.


Total # of Lessons:  14

AP Computer Science A

This class is a continuation from Fundamental Java class and covers everything in the AP Computer Science A scope from college board.