A lesson redone today

After spending lots of time in the past years doing video editing, I kept struggling between the two options when I wanted to update a video: should I edit a previous video or should I just re-record the whole thing again? And I still don’t have answer to this day, or the answer would be — it depends. Today I think I made the right decision to completely redo an Intermediate Java lesson, rather than editing. I think it is the right choice for this particular case.

Doing graphic lesson is always fun, so I don’t really mind going through the whole thing again. It turned out great except … [***see note below] ! Here is a few seconds of the class at the end about homework. I know the students will have fun doing it, and I already can’t wait to see what they came up with! Last semester, when I had the student present their snake game in class, I was blown away by everyone’s creativity and awesome works!

[***] The only problem is my allergy just wouldn’t go away with the little angle dog tagging me all the time, so I did have to pause now and then to breathe ( LOL … ) If anyone knows of any audio processing tool to reduce nasalness from sound track, please shoot me an email! But overall I hope it is not too obvious!