AP CS A Review and Test Prep – Self Paced


Total # of Lessons:  14
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Students should have completed our AP Computer Science A course, or equivalent, before taking this course. This is a fast paced review course to give students a complete and thorough review, an intensive boost before they take on the AP Computer Science A exam each May.


Barron’s AP Computer Science A (8th edition). We also provide additional practice and test materials.

Class Structure

The class will be combination of lecture time and hands-on practicing.


There are homework after every lesson, of various length.  In the beginning of the class, materials will be pretty easy and homework will also not take long, but the class will develop into much more complex materials and it will take some brain power and homework time between classes. Generally students should expect to spend 1.5 – 2hr per week on homework, given this is the final review course and students are expected to work extra hard to achieve their goal.

Required Equipments

Students need to use laptop with the JRE and IDE installed. Setup instructions will be sent to students.

Will student be ready to take APCS test upon completion of this class?

YES. Most our students got the score of 5 at the AP Computer Science A exam after taking our review class.

What other classes can students take after completion of this course?

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be fully ready to take on competitive programming with our USACO course series, starting from the USACO Bronze course.


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