Fundamental Python – Spring 2021


$80.00 $0.00

Total # of Lessons: 12
Dates: 01/29/2021 ~ 05/07/2021
Time: Friday 4 ~ 5:30 PM PST
Taught By: Teacher Victor
Remaining Tuition: $890 $750


Python is the #1 programming language used in introductory coding classes at top U.S. universities, and for good reason: Python is the most beginner-friendly and intuitive language.

But Python isn’t just popular with beginning coders —

Python is also the #1 most popular programming language worldwide according to the PYPL index, and has recently surpassed Java in TIOBE index. Python’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to its real-world applications in expanding fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and more.

If you want to learn to code, the powerful and intuitive language of Python is the best place to start. And if you already know how to code in Java or another language, adding Python to your skillset is incredibly valuable and will open up many opportunities.

After learning Python in this course, you’ll be ready to continue with our Intermediate Python course. And after that, you can tackle competitive programming in the USACO or apply your Python skills to endless real-world applications.

About the course

The course requires no prior coding experience.

Our 12-week curriculum is designed to introduce all fundamental Python topics in an intuitive way. We will have 3 fun hands-on projects throughout the course so students can apply what they have learned.

  • 1: Print statements (“Hello World!”) and math operations
  • 2: Variables, data types, and user input
  • 3: Booleans and conditional flow
  • 4: Project #1
  • 5: While loops
  • 6: Lists
  • 7: For loops
  • 8: Project #2
  • 9: Functions
  • 10: Strings
  • 11: Final Project
  • 12: Final Project

Our class structure will be composed of lectures, hands-on code demos, and class exercises. We will have weekly homework so students can reinforce what they’ve learned and practice coding.

Teacher: Victor Shen

Victor is a computer science student at UC Berkeley. In high school, he was an accomplished USACO contestant who scored full score on his first Bronze contest, advanced to Gold within his first year, and advanced to Platinum in his second year. He scored a 5 on AP Computer Science and has experience coding in Python, Java, C++, and C# in fields such as data analysis, robotics, and game development. Although he learned the Java language first, Python has quickly become his favorite programming language! In the past, he has taught Fundamental Java, Intermediate Java, and USACO Bronze classes. He is excited to teach Fundamental Python and Introductory Competitive Programming during Spring 2021!