Intermediate Java Programming – Online


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Total # of Lessons: 15
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Why Learn Java

Java is the most popular and widely used computer programming lan

Does student need to know Java to attend this class?

Yes. This class is for students who has learned basic and fundamental Java programming, preferably having completed our Fundamental Java Programming course , or have taken some java classes but feel that they may have “holes” in their foundation and need more practices and “patches”. Upon completion,  students will have built much more solid programming skills and be more strongly prepared to take on APCS or USACO courses next.

Course plan

The class will follow a rigorous Java language curriculum, check out the scope and topics that will be covered at course plan.  We thoughtfully designed the curriculum so that the sequence of concepts makes the most sense and also develops spirally, and allow students to have more opportunities to practice previously learned knowledge to build a solid foundation.

Class Structure

This course focuses more on hands-on programming with multiple fun and engaging projects, it will be a mix of lab and lectures for each lesson.


Yes. There will be homework, of various length, most of the homework would be continuation from class practices plus extra tasks. Students will spend different amount of time on homework depending on how much progress they made from class. On average, expect to spend a couple of hours on homework weekly.

Should I take or skip this class?

The Intermediate Java course is for students who have learned the fundamental Java knowledges but not in a hurry to tackle the APCS or USACO yet. The students want to spend more time to further solidify their understanding of the important concepts, and sharpen their programming skills with fun projects and more hands-on practices.  For students who already feel confident for the challenge of APCS or USACO courses,  they can skip this course and move on to APCS or USACO course right away!

What classes can students take after completion of this course?

Upon successful completion of the Intermediate Java course, students will be much better prepared to either take on competitive programming with our USACO course series, starting from the USACO Bronze course, or continue to take the APCS course.  Since they used this course to build themselves a stronger foundation in Java programming and problem solving, they are well equipped to pursue either path, or even both at the same time as some of our students do to fully test and explore your potential!

Required Equipments

Yes, students need to bring own laptop (and charger 🙂 to class, and have JRE and IDE installed. Students should try to complete the setup per instruction here prior to the first class.

Will student be ready to take APCS test upon completion of this class?

NO. At completion of this class, students need to proceed to take an AP Computer Science A course either at local high school or at Ascende Learning to obtain the full scope of APCS required Java knowledge and skills.

Will student be ready to take the USACO bronze contest upon completion of this class?

No. At completion of this class, students need to proceed to take the USACO bronze course to systematically learn all the algorithms and data structure needed to pass the USACO bronze contest.

Where is this course in your ascending path

Fundamental Java Programming –> Intermediate Java Programming –> USACO Bronze or AP Computer Science A