Fundamental Java Programming (9th grade and above) – Summer 2020 – Full


Class is full, please contact us directly for assistance.

Total # of Lessons:  15
06/08/2020 – 07/27/2020
Mon/Th 2:30 – 4 pm PST

Teacher: Victor Shen

Victor is an incoming CS student at UC Berkeley. In his high school years, he advanced to the USACO Platinum division, earned a 5 on the AP Computer Science exam, and completed all Ascende Learning courses. During the past two years, he taught numerous Intermediate Java and USACO Bronze classes in the community. Although he focuses primarily on Java, he has also utilized Python, C++, and C# in fields such as data analysis, robotics, and game development. He is excited to teach Fundamental Java this summer and introduce you to the wonderful world of programming!

Victor will work closely with Ms. Wen and teach the course strictly following Ascende Learning’s fully developed curriculum. Ms. Wen will be in the class to provide any necessary assistance or help.

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Why Learn Java

Java is the most popular and widely used computer programming languages. This Java class is for students with no prior Java exposure, or have taken some java classes but not systematically or not with a solid foundation. Students should have a strong motivation to learn and want to take on the APCS course or USACO course as immediate next step.

Possible next steps upon completion of this intensive course:

Does student need to know Java to attend this class?

No. This class is for students with no prior Java exposure, or have taken some java classes but not having a solid foundation. Upon completion,  students will have grasped the fundamental Java key concepts to be ready for the APCS course next.

Course plan

The class will follow a rigorous Java language curriculum, this is the course plan, that we customized so that the sequence of concepts makes most sense, and students can have more opportunities to practice previously learned knowledge for a solid foundation.


We compared a few CollegeBoard listed textbooks and decided to use the combination of an online textbook and Barron’s AP Computer Science A (8th edition).

The online textbook is very well organized , follows the official CollegeBoard APCS curriculum and contains lots of interactive problem-solving practices that will be much more interesting and engaging to do, than plain question-and-answer exercises, I believe they will prove to be very effective for the students.

Class Structure

There will be lecture time as well as hands-on practice time in class.


Yes. There will be homework, of various length.  In the beginning of the class, materials will be pretty easy and homework will also not take long, but the class will develop into much more complex materials and it will take some brain power and homework time between classes.

Required Equipments

Yes, students need to bring own laptop (and charger 🙂 to class, and have JRE and IDE installed. Students should try to complete the setup per instruction here prior to the first class.

Will student be ready to take APCS test upon completion of this class?

NO. At completion of this class, students need to proceed to take an AP Computer Science A course either at local high school or at Ascende Learning to obtain the full scope of APCS required Java knowledge and skills.

Where is this course in your ascending path

Fundamental Java Programming –> Intermediate Java Programming or APCS