Intro Competitive Programming


Our Introductory Competitive Programming class is for students who have experience in Java or Python and aspire to compete in the USACO programming competition. Designed to be taken prior to our USACO Bronze course, Introductory Competitive Programming will teach students problem-solving techniques and sharpen their programming skills. The purpose of this class is to set students up for immense success in USACO Bronze and beyond. Over the course of the semester, students will gain experience analyzing and tackling countless practice problems, which will greatly improve their programming confidence and help them develop the strong problem-solving/analytical mindset necessary for USACO Bronze.


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  • Minimum: Fundamental Java or Fundamental Python
  • Highly recommended: Intermediate Java or Intermediate Python
  • Comfortable programming with:
    • conditional statements (if, else if, else)
    • while loops
    • for loops
    • nested loops
    • arrays (Python lists)
    • functions
    • string functions


Class 1: Intro, Loop practice problems
Class 2: Loop, Array practice problems
Class 3: Array practice problems
Class 4: Nested Loops practice problems
Class 5: More Nested Loops practice problems
Class 6: 2D Array practice Problems
Class 7: ArrayList practice Problems
Class 8: String practice Problems
Class 9: Review problems
Classes 10-12: Class Project

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Self Paced, Weekly Live (Zoom)

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Reviews by Students and Parents on “Intro Competitive Programming”

  1. Hi,

    Is this course taught in Python? My daughter is very comfortable with Python but just beginning learning Java. She prefer to learn in Python.


    1. Hello Yun, this class is taught in Java, the objective is two-fold, 1) to introduce students to the world of competitive programming and improve on problem solving skills (this part is language neutral), 2) to help students more fluent and comfortable in java programming. After completing this course, students will be much prepared for the USACO bronze class.

  2. After taking Intro Competitive Programming, I can confirm that this class is ideal for those seeking a well-prepared competitive programming course. All of the content presented in class is abstract and perfect for students in stepping into competitive programming The in-class problems and homework are reasonably challenging, varying from Ascende-made coding problems to leetcode practices. Our teacher, Victor, is also a hard-working and attentive instructor who has a clear understanding of the logistics regarding competitive programming. This is definitely a course that I personally recommend.

  3. Victor is a fantastic programming teacher, and has a great background in competitive coding. My son Ethan loved his class. Victor assigned questions that challenged the class, and brought out the students’ full potential. He explained the difficulty of coding for competitions and helped students with problem solving skills. He inspired my son. Now he looks forward to the summer Bronze class.

    Parent of Ethan K

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