2018 Summer Classes

For the summer of 2018, we offer the following classes:

Class Class Time Dates  Tuition
Java Fundamental
(Session 1) (close)
7 – 8:30PM (**)
06/03 ~ 06/28 $880 (12 Lessons)
Java Fundamental
(Session 2)
(1 space open)
7 – 8:30PM
07/25 ~ 08/20 $880 (12 Lessons)
USACO Bronze (close) Thu/Sun
5 – 6:30PM (**)
06/07 ~ 08/05 $1080
(12 lessons)

** For detailed dates of each course, see HERE 

Course Description:


  • This course is for students with no prior computer programming experience and wish to learn basic Java programming.
  • The course is a mix of lectures along with hands-on practice/lab.
  • Session 1 and Session 2 contains the same content. Students only need to sign up for one of the session that works with their schedules the best.

Reason to take Java class in summer:

  • This class will prepare students to take APCS class either with us or at their school starting Fall 2018
  • This class will prepare students to take our USACO bronze class starting Fall 2018

USASO Bronze

  • This course is for students who has fundamental programming knowledge and skills and wish to start to learn and prepare for USA Computing Olympiad.
  • The course is a mix of lectures along with hands-on practice/lab.

Reason to take the USACO Bronze class in summer:

  • Students will have much more time to practice and prepare for the December Bronze level contest to succeed and get promoted to Silver level, even immediately, so that they can continue to take the Silver level contest
  • Students will be able to continue on taking the Silver level class in Fall
  • Students will have completed the Silver level curriculum by January to participate in the Silver level contest. Without taking the bronze level class in summer, students will be only completing the Bronze level curriculum by December not have enough time to learn all the Silver level materials by January, even if they passed the December bronze level contest and participate in January’s silver level contest.

What set us apart from other places:

  • Students and parents will receive communication from us after each lesson, with class materials and homework
  • We will record class for absent students

To sign up, please fill out the registration form and follow instructions at beginning of the form to secure your spot.

General Class FAQ (Sign up process, tuition payment, absence, etc)

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