Teaching Assistants Guideline

Teaching Assistant Responsibilities

Homework Grading

  • Student homework are turned in through google classroom.
  • Teaching assistant should frequently check on any newly turned-in homework and make sure to look at and grade them in a timely manner.
  • When grading homework, try to look for all followings and provide comments:
    • completeness
    • correctness
    • effort
    • coding style
    • better way to do things
  • Attention: try not to just enter a grade, always provide some comments to help them learn while not making them feel bad, or if they are doing everything perfectly, provide comments to recognize the great work.

Assisting During Class

  • Help students trouble shoot during coding/practice time
  • During lessons on Zoom,  watch the chat window for any questions from students:
    • Feel free to answer students’ question directly on chat window
    • If needed or you think the entire class can benefit from the question,  let teacher know to get to the question right away


  • Always be a great role model for students
  • Be patient, empathetic and respectful to students
  • When students seek help, understand that they are just starting to learn their topics, be kind and thorough, never be condescending or impatient, and try to find things to compliment them on to be encouraging.
  • Help teacher maintain order of class in case of excessive and repeated interruption or violation of rules.
  • Be proactive and self-motivated on your responsibilities

Grading Guidelines

  • Late homework: -5 points
  • If students make corrections on their already returned and graded homework, adjust their scores back to recognize their efforts
  • When deciding on point deduction, strike the right balance between strictness and lenience, keep in mind that grading/scoring is not the goal, but a way to recognize and motivate them to maximize their learning.