Teaching Assistants Guideline

Main Responsibilities

  • Hold regular office hours
  • Grade homework and update grade sheet promptly, keep track of EC as well
  • Others as they come up

Overall Expectation

  • Be proactive and self-motivated on your responsibilities
  • Be (over-)communicative with teacher and students
  • Be responsive to teacher and students
  • Send reminders to students on upcoming office hours and homework due (it is recommended that you schedule them on google calendar so all students get reminders automatically)

Homework Grading

  • Try to grade early homework submission promptly, the regular submission the day after due, and also attend to late homework submission regularly
  • For each lesson usually I will specify points per problem for your reference as needed
  • When grading homework, try look for all followings and provide comments:
    • completeness
    • correctness
    • effort
    • coding style
    • better way to do things
  • Late homework: -1 points
  • If students make corrections on their already returned and graded homework, update their scores back to recognize their efforts
  • When deciding on point deduction, strike the right balance between strictness and lenience, keep in mind that grading/scoring is not the goal, but a way to help/motivate them to learn. So try not to just enter a grade, provide some comments, whether they are constructive feedback, pointing out areas to improve on, or recognition of good work.

Expectation with Students

  • Always be a great role model for students
  • Be patient, empathetic and respectful to students
  • When students seek help, understand that they are just starting to learn their topics, be kind and thorough, never be condescending or impatient, and try to find things to compliment them on to be encouraging.

Assisting During Class (Onsite Only)

  • Help students trouble shoot during coding/practice time
  • Help teacher maintain order of class in case of excessive and repeated interruption or violation of rules.