What is different about our USACO Classes?

We offer year round USACO Classes (USA Computing Olympiad) at students’ appropriate levels from San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay/San Jose/Cupertino).  USACO is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the states. For more information on USACO: http://www.usaco.org.

Our classes are available to be taken both onsite and online. See how our online classes work.

What Set Us Apart

Make sure to read the following TWO KEY differentiators between us and other classes. We are the only place that you can get the most targeted curriculum and class timing to optimize results for students.

  • Our Curriculum – We are the only place that you will find that offers 15 lessons only (one semester long) to teach students everything they need to learn to pass each level.

We spent countless number of hours on analyzing all contest problems in all recent years and levels, performed extensive and meticulous data analysis to create proprietary materials to prepare students to succeed in their contest in the most efficiently and targeted manner.

We organize our curriculum and lessons BY LEVEL, to be 100% targeted to enable students to pass each contest level with the most efficient learning.  In Silver curriculum,  we do NOT repeat bronze level topics, and we do NOT teach gold level topics.

We researched on curriculum at other places, and some places organized their courses by level, but each level takes 1 – 2 years to finish, versus our course takes 1 semester (i.e. one season) to finish. Some other places design their curriculum with their own order, and completely mix up the topics that are needed from different levels, as a result, students do not get targeted education to climb the USACO ladder.

  • We complete the full course by December – We plan our course dates so that we finish teaching all needed materials for each level by every December — the first contest of each contest season.  This way students can start to take USACO contest in December having learned everything they need to learn, and have four full chances to get promoted; whereas, even for the institute that offer to complete the course within 2 semester, by the time students finishes the entire course, they already missed out the opportunity for that year, and have to wait for another year to try again.

Different USACO Class Levels

Learning Path

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