Another Successful Completion of AP CS A Class!

Another year passed! Our 2021-2022 full year AP Computer Science A course just successfully completed.

Our AP Computer Science A class started from 2017 and we have helped hundreds of students get their score of 5. We have seen scope of the exam changes with new topics and removed topics, and our curriculum always keeps up with the latest change from CollegeBoard and makes sure to teach students everything they need to know, and plus more. We have witnessed the difficulties and challenges our students faced with the unknowns in the year of 2019 and 2020, and worked with students closely to be thoroughly prepared for all possibilities. And now, on the 6th year of our AP Computer Science A class offering, we are proud of recognize the following top students for their top performance, and most important of all, their consistent hard work and exemplary best efforts that they have put forth and demonstrated.

And and always, we are pleased to offer them Ascende Points that can be redeemed anytime they want and also transferrable. Here are these most wonderful role models that we have in this class (score is average score across all lessons, each lesson is based on a full score of 100, a score higher than 100 are from extra credit work!)

Congrats to them and everyone who has put in their best efforts.

Test is next week, good luck everyone and onto that beautiful 5!

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