Easy Steps to Enroll

Step #1

Log in at the My Account tab (Or simply provide your email address to register)

Step #2

See class list HERE and click on the ENROLL link to view detail of each class

Step #3

At the class detail page, click the “Enroll Now” button to sign up!. Only registration fee is collected at the enroll time. Tuition is to be collected later via email before class begins.

About email addresses

You will provide both parent email address and student email address when signing up, and the student email will be your order’s primary email. If you are NOT logged in when enrolling, the system will try to create a new account with the STUDENT EMAIL ADDRESS, and if there is already an account associated with the student email (you have created before), you will be prompted to log in first to complete the enrollment process. To avoid the extra steps, JUST LOGIN first as first step!


You will see enrollment confirmation right away and also receive confirmation at provided student email address. Enjoy the AscendePoints and sit tight for follow-up emails when the class is about to start!

OK, take me to see the classes NOW