Important considerations for choosing your USACO class

What to consider when choosing your USACO Class

  • Leveling? Especially check the prerequisite of bronze level class to understand their base line.
  • Time required for students to learn all knowledges and skills needed for the contest of their levels? How many seasons/semesters?
  • Total cost (take the time into consideration when comparing total monetary cost)?
  • How is absence handled and supported?
  • Is there regular communication from teacher throughout the course to keep students organized and parents informed?
  • How is the teacher accessible for questions all through the course?
  • Prior to registration, can you easily get your hundreds of questions answered to make sure it is the best fit?

To help you compare and understand how Ascende Learning’s USACO class differs from others, we researched on USACO courses from a well known institutes and make the following comparisons for your references.  Disclaimer: since information can change, please verify the information with any institute that you are considering and make your best and most informed choice.

Sample Comparisons

Ascende Learning  USACO course at another well known institute
Leveling Our beginner bronze level class require programming skill as prerequisite.  Students must already have taken our Java Programming class or equivalent to start the bronze USACO training. Our leveling definition is consistently higher than most other USACO class.  Inquire and compare
How many sessions per level 15 20 ~ 24
Amount of time needed for students to learn all knowledge and skills 1 semester. We design our course so that students learn everything needed by December (the first contest of the season), so they have much more chances to try to be promoted during the same season. 2-4 semesters
Tuition for learning everything needed for each level Tuition for 1 semester Tuition for 2-4 semesters
How is absence handled? Students receive lesson recordings and must stay up with the pace. Our curriculum is continuous and we want all our students to succeed. Simply “No make up session”. Inquire and compare.
Email lesson summary and homework after every lesson? YES  Inquire and compare
Teacher’s Availability for Questions outside of class Highly accessible to check on your child’s status  Inquire and compare
Get all answers easily before you register? We are easily accessible by email, phone call, or wechat messaging, We answer all your questions and help evaluate your student’s levels and situations.  Inquire and compare

See Detailed Scopes and Topics of Our Courses

Below are some of the comparisons examples of where are the same key concepts taught from different level courses between Ascende Learning and other institute.

Topic Where is the topic taught @Ascende Learning Where is it taught @ another prestigious USACO course provider
  • Variables
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Strings Processing
  • Nested conditions
  • Nested loops
  • Functions
Taught in our most basic and introductory Java Programming course.
And they are the absolute prerequisites for attending our USACO Bronze course.
Taught in Bronze course.
Matrices Taught in APCS, and reviewed in USACO Bronze Taught in Bronze course
Simple Data Structures Taught in Java Programming, APCS and USACO Bronze Taught in Silver course
Recursion Covered in APCS/USACO Bronze course Taught in Silver course
Sorting and Searching Covered in APCS/USACO Bronze Taught in Silver course