Issues when accessing your online course?

All our enrolled students, whether for zoom class, hybrid class, or self-paced class, are set up to access the same course materials in the same way. To successfully access all materials and submit homework, students need to log in properly to both:

  •, to access our restrict course web pages
  • and your browser, to be able to view all videos and slides

Occasionally after a student successfully enter the restricted course page, they see weird google errors for all videos and slides, such as this:

There could be a few different reasons that caused this.

Your syncing is paused

First, you may not be logging in to the browser properly at the moment, check if it is in a “paused” state, like this (see the circled “Paused” at the top right corner). If you see the same, click on that and resume the sync, that should solve the problem.

Your browser has ad-blocking plugins installed

You may also have some ad-blocking plugins installed on your browse that prevents the slides and videos to show. Granted, the course materials are not ads and we do NOT have any ad content in our website. Please remove or temporarily disable your ad-blockers to access your learning materials.

You are logging in to the browser with a different account

Nowadays many folks have multiple accounts, especially many students have an account from their school district as well, which they use often to do their school homework. People switch among different accounts often with their browser. If your access is denied with our videos and slides, please double check on your current logins with the browser, of course feel free to perform a “request access”, we will receive your request and double check on the access on our end as well.

Still need help?

If you are still having trouble after following all instructions, email with screenshot that shows the issue and your current login information. We are always here to help, so never hesitate to reach out directly!

Hope this helps and if you have any other similar scenarios that you ran into and solved, feel free to share and help your fellow classmates!

Keep learning and keep ascending!

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