New Feature For Free Pre-registration

Hello all!

We are very excited to make our classes available for pre-registration. Here is how it works:

  • Visit the classes that you may be interested in by visiting the “Courses” tab in the menu bar
  • Pick the Zoom or Hybrid learning mode

  • Simply provide your name and email address to indicate you would like to enroll for the class in the upcoming semester

That is it! You should receive an email notification about our receiving of your pre-registration, and once we accumulate sufficient interests to open the class, the class will be offered!

Why should you pre-register?

  • We open a class to help people, and we want to focus on offering the classes that are most needed
  • We will reach out to you to see to try best to fit our class schedule into your availability, so it is more likely that our class will fit your personal busy schedule
  • Better yet, you will receive an exclusive coupon towards your enrollment and tuition
  • It is absolutely free and no string attached and no commitment.

So why not, do it now. If you want to take any course for Fall 2022, go ahead to let us know!

We take your preregistration seriously so please do so only if you are serious as well! And note that all pre-registration is by default applicable for upcoming semester.

Thank you, keep learning and keep ascending!


  1. Hi, I sent an email to Ms Wen and paid for the $100 bronze registration for online class for Luke my son who is an incoming freshman at VCS, please contact me if possible as I have a few qns to discuss on your approach, and possible classes like AP CS A that he is taking which needs preparation and ongoing review to get him ready for fall classes. he has been taking java for 3 months in 2022 and started python programming once a week since Feb 2023.
    you can reach me at and 408-886-4727

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