Weekly Group Lesson Homework – Timeline Policy

Each lesson’s homework is due two days prior to each next lesson. For example, if the weekly lessons are on every Friday, then the homework will be due every Wednesday night.

Homework that is submitted within 2 days of each lesson earns the “SUPER EARLY” status with +10 bonus points.

There will be a -10 deduction for late homework.

Grace period for late homework

Grade period for late homework would be one week (3 weeks in case of hybrid class). In another word, we will continue to accept late homework for one more week after due date, after which, submission window will be closed and no homework and revision is accepted. This applies to revision as well, students should feel free to revise/correct their homework and resubmit to get their grades updated, within one week of time.

Students can still work on older homework, but they need to email the teacher or TA or visit office hours to go over their work in-person. Their grades will not be changed.