At Ascende Learning, what keeps us going is knowing that we have helped students by igniting their interests, supporting their earnest drive to learn more, and enabling them to reach their highest potential. We keep our classes going because students like our classes and need to keep going; we also keep listening to parents’ and students’ needs and always strive to try different ways to help students! But we won’t be able to do it alone – we need parents’ and students’ support!

Our philosophy and hope is to have a positive ecosystem where teachers, parents, and students can all work together to achieve a win-win-win! So we invite you to be a part of the positive cycle by help others while benefitting yourself! How?

  • If you or your students have learned and enjoyed our class, write a review to earn AscendePoints
  • Post any of our webpages that you like on your social media, with your personal link, to earn AscendePoints when your friends view the link. They can add up fast!
  • Refer your friends to sign up, and when they sign up, you get 5000 points.

Your AscendePoints are redeemable anytime at $1 with 100 points:

  • Use it toward any online transaction,
  • Use it offline as part of your tuition payment.
  • Redeem them as gift certificates to give to your friends!

The more you spread the word, the more we can appreciate it with the rewards, and the more likely that the classes that you want us to open will actually open so we can help you!

Let’s team up and help each other to keep this possible cycle going. Rest assured that your students will receive the best learning experience possible and you will also receive the most discounts possible with our utmost appreciation.

Too much information and confused? Take a look at how Amy earned $152 off her tuition as an example.