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The data driven USACO Bronze training program that precisely prepares students with the objective to advance into the USACO Silver division.

Our complete and laser-focused Bronze curriculum comprised of Bronze 1 & Bronze 2 are specifically designed for students to reach Silver level in the most efficient and solid way possible. 2-hours long lessons are organized by topics and cover all techniques a student needs to learn and practice in the USACO Bronze division, in the best fine-tuned and progressive order. With 100+ USACO Bronze problems, all with thorough key analysis and highly readable and commented solutions, the curriculum thoroughly prepares students to ascend to the next level.

USACO Bronze 1 Course Objective

By the end of Bronze 1 (i.e. Lesson12), students should have learned all techniques needed for USACO bronze division, and move forward to Bronze 2 where we look at more difficult USACO problems and the problems in the most recent years.

USACO Bronze 1 Lesson Lineup

USACO Bronze 1 Course Details 


In USACO Bronze Lesson#1 we introduce students to USACO and go through details of how the contest works and the details steps of how to solve a USACO problem. By the end of lesson#1, students will have gone through the entire process of solving a usaco problem from beginning to the end, and be able to answer all these questions about USACO:

  • When is the USACO season each year?
  • How many USACO contests can I take a year?
  • How long is the usaco contest and when do I take them?
  • What are the different levels and what will be my level?
  • How many problems are in each contest?
  • How do I get promoted to next level?
  • How are the usaco scores calculated?
  • When and how do I know if I am promoted or not?
  • What is instant in-contest promotion?
  • Once I am promoted to the next usaco level, do I stay in the new level forever or only for the current year?
  • If I don’t well would I be “demoted” back to a lower level?
  • What is the format of the usaco contest? How do I register?
  • Do I go to school or a test center to take it?
  • Do I need to do something to qualify to participate in USACO?
  • What are the key elements in every usaco problem and how to read and understand it?
  • What are the steps to solve a usaco problem from beginning to finish?
  • How to take input and generate output for a usaco problem?
  • Once I submit my solution for a usaco problem, can I resubmit again?
  • Once I complete a usaco contest, can I do it again?
  • Can I jump around different problems or have to do them in the given order?
  • What are the different programming language I can use?
  • Why is the last contest of the season called “Open”?
  • Can I participate in the “open” contest?
  • and much more.. Anything you wonder if we cover or not in this lesson? Ask in the comment below

From Lesson#2 to Lesson12:

  • We go over all methodologies and algorithms that students need to master to pass the Bronze level.
  • We teach students how to analyze and calculate time complexity so that their solutions won’t time out, which is an important aspect of successfully solving a USACO problem.
    • When reading a problem, how to determine the complexity needed for the problem
    • When planning or implementing a solution, how to calculate the complexity of your solution
    • Just the correctness of a solution is not enough. Only if the complexity of your solution meets the complexity requirement of the problem, will the solution completely pass all test cases.

Ascende Learning’s proprietary automation system

We also teach student Ascende Learning’s proprietary automation system so that:

  • students can troubleshoot/debug on each usaco problem in the most efficiently manner and overall achieve optimal productivity and same endless amount of time
  • students can work on older USACO problems when a submit option is no longer available on

Any other questions? Feel free to email to inquire!


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Reviews by Students and Parents on “USACO Bronze 1”

  1. I’ve taken multiple USACO courses with Ms.Wen and they are so helpful!

    Bronze 1 is a great introduction to the basics of the competition and covers a lot of useful strategies.

  2. This class is very in depth and provides you with good advice on logical thinking. It has so many unique perspectives and really challenges me to think with another point of view 🙂

  3. This class is very interesting! So far, the problems we’re doing and topics we’re covering are very engaging, and you also develop a sense of problem solving throughout the course.

  4. Each topic was accompanied by respective problems from past USACO Contests, and the teacher provides superb material to solidify learning. Struggling students are not discouraged since there is a myriad of guidance by the teacher.

  5. I have taken the Bronze and Silver Java classes, and the teacher is superrr helpful. She is unhesitant to help anyone, and will answer all questions. Not only does the teacher get through the perfectly-paced curriculum, she also makes learning java fun, with an engaging voice and way to teach. This class is super helpful if you want to compete in USACO.

  6. My son learned a lot from this course. He took the bronze java class and will be taking the silver one soon, he liked the organization and the grouping of individual USACO problems because it allowed him to better understand the best way to solve a certain problem. The teacher is well versed in the subject and very helpful.

  7. My son attended Ms. Wen’s USACO Bronze class. The course curriculum is well defined. Ms. Wen brings a lot of energy to the session. I am happy that my son cleared USACO Bronze in Dec 2020.

  8. This is a terrific class and my kid LOVES it!!!

    The instructor is very professional, creative and patient. My kid has been enjoying the classes!!

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