USACO Bronze


The best USACO Bronze training program that thoroughly prepares students with the objective to advance into the USACO Silver division.

Our complete and laser-focused Bronze curriculum is specifically designed for students to reach Silver level in the most efficient and solid way possible. 2-hours long lessons are organized by topics and cover all techniques a student needs to learn and practice in the USACO Bronze division, in the best fine-tuned and progressive order. With 50+ USACO Bronze problems, all with thorough key analysis and highly readable and commented solutions, the curriculum thoroughly prepares students to ascend to the next level.


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Class Sample

Our USACO Bronze Training Curriculum

We offer year round USACO Bronze training classes at students’ appropriate levels. USACO is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the states. For more information on USACO:

We spent hundreds of hours analyzing contest problems in all recent years and levels, performed extensive and meticulous data analysis to create proprietary materials to prepare students to succeed in their contest in the most efficiently and targeted manner.

In 15 lessons, students will learn and practice everything they need to master (and beyond) to be promoted to the Silver division. They will have finished 50+ real USACO problems. Our propriety class materials include complete coverage of all needed algorithms and data structures, and analysis and commented solutions for all problems.

How Do We Stand Out

Our Students’ Stellar Results


Prepare students to PASS the the USACO contest at Bronze level. Many of our students pass Bronze level on first attempt, even with full scores!


Minimum Requirement: Beginner Programming level required (Java preferred but not required)

Recommended : Intermediate Programming level (Java/C++/Python)

We require students to be comfortable writing program in Java (or C, C++) using functions, conditional statements, loops and array, and enjoy logical thinking and problem solving.

NOTE: Not like a lot of the USACO Bronze classes offered from some other institutes, we do REQUIRE students to already possess the fundamental programming skills (preferable in Java but other languages is fine too).  Our bronze level class is truly a contest and competition preparation,  and focuses on problem solving, algorithms and data structures, and consistently delivers more advanced topics and contents.  For students who wants to learn programming for the purpose of competition, they should take our fundamental programming classes first which are roughly equivalent to what students will learn first from many other institutes’ bronze level classes.


  • Complete Search
  • Sorting
  • Complexity Analysis
  • Bronze level data structures
  • String processing problems
  • Solve problem with recursion
  • Simulation problems
  • And more..

This Course In Your Ascending Path

Most Common Paths Leading to USACO Bronze course:

Fundamental Java Programming –> Intermediate Java Programming  –>  USACO Bronze  –> USACO Silver

Fundamental Java Programming –> Intermediate Java Programming  –>  Introductory Competitive Programming –> USACO Bronze  –> USACO Silver

For students who have passed the USACO Bronze contests or have completed our USACO Bronze course, please continue to the USACO Silver level course.

How does our Bronze class compare to classes from other institute?

Sample comparisons between us and other “USACO programs”. You should interview all candidate places, gather all detailed information of each program, and hopefully you will join our many over-achieving students to come train USACO in the smartest and most productive way!

Also ask these additional IMPORTANT questions and make detailed comparisons no matter which level you are at.

Our Bronze CurriculumBronze lessons at Institute ABronze lessons at Institute K
How many lessons needed 1 session of 15 lessons (weeks)2 sessions of 12 lessons (weeks) EACH = 24 Lessons2 sessions of 18 lessons EACH = 36 Lessons
How many hours per lesson2 hr2 hr1 hr
Total Number of Lesson Hours30 hrs total48 hrs total36 hrs total
Total Number of Weeks Needed15 weeks24 weeks36 weeks
What do students learn? More – All techniques bronze contests testedLessLess, only basic
How many problems do students get to do and access analysis and clearly written solutions50+AskAsk

Read here for detailed comparison

Additional information

Learning Mode

Hybrid, Self-paced, Weekly live (Zoom)

Reviews by Students and Parents on “USACO Bronze”

  1. Each topic was accompanied by respective problems from past USACO Contests, and the teacher provides superb material to solidify learning. Struggling students are not discouraged since there is a myriad of guidance by the teacher.

  2. I have taken the Bronze and Silver Java classes, and the teacher is superrr helpful. She is unhesitant to help anyone, and will answer all questions. Not only does the teacher get through the perfectly-paced curriculum, she also makes learning java fun, with an engaging voice and way to teach. This class is super helpful if you want to compete in USACO.

  3. My son learned a lot from this course. He took the bronze java class and will be taking the silver one soon, he liked the organization and the grouping of individual USACO problems because it allowed him to better understand the best way to solve a certain problem. The teacher is well versed in the subject and very helpful.

  4. My son attended Ms. Wen’s USACO Bronze class. The course curriculum is well defined. Ms. Wen brings a lot of energy to the session. I am happy that my son cleared USACO Bronze in Dec 2020.

  5. This is a terrific class and my kid LOVES it!!!

    The instructor is very professional, creative and patient. My kid has been enjoying the classes!!

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