USACO Bronze

Earn 5000 AscendePoint
Total #of Lessons: 15
Class Date: 01/27/2021 ~ 05/05/2021
Class Time: Wed 4:30 – 6:30 PM PST
Remaining Tuition: $1650 ($55/hr) $1500 ($50/hr ONLY)



Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Date Lesson
01/27/2021 1
02/03/2021 2
02/10/2021 3
02/17/2021 4
02/24/2021 5
03/03/2021 6
03/10/2021 7
03/17/2021 8
03/24/2021 9
03/31/2021 10
04/07/2021 11
04/14/2021 12
04/21/2021 13
04/28/2021 14
05/05/2021 15

Reviews by Students and Parents on “USACO Bronze”

  1. Each topic was accompanied by respective problems from past USACO Contests, and the teacher provides superb material to solidify learning. Struggling students are not discouraged since there is a myriad of guidance by the teacher.

  2. I have taken the Bronze and Silver Java classes, and the teacher is superrr helpful. She is unhesitant to help anyone, and will answer all questions. Not only does the teacher get through the perfectly-paced curriculum, she also makes learning java fun, with an engaging voice and way to teach. This class is super helpful if you want to compete in USACO.

  3. My son learned a lot from this course. He took the bronze java class and will be taking the silver one soon, he liked the organization and the grouping of individual USACO problems because it allowed him to better understand the best way to solve a certain problem. The teacher is well versed in the subject and very helpful.

  4. My son attended Ms. Wen’s USACO Bronze class. The course curriculum is well defined. Ms. Wen brings a lot of energy to the session. I am happy that my son cleared USACO Bronze in Dec 2020.

  5. The class is very well designed and also very well delivered. The instructor is very professional and creative.

  6. This is a terrific class and my kid LOVES it!!!

    The instructor is very professional, creative and patient. My kid has been enjoying the classes!!

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