Feedback from Student and Parents

“If your kids are excited about Java programming, go to Ascende Learning. Ascende is the best place in this area for these classes. The instructor is very knowledgeable, and has great teaching skills: clear and easy to understand. Not only this, she demonstrates great care for her students and will go the extra mile to help her students succeed. For example: this year AP tests have changed format and time because of coronavirus. Ms. Wen proactively added extra classes for all her students, without charge, and has even helped students after the class’ scheduled end date. I feel that she puts students’ needs in first priority and cares very much about their success. My child has been to three different places to learn Java since 6th grade, but this is the best one and I wish I knew Ascende earlier.”

— By parent of AP CS A & Review student Dana S.

“My son just started the USACO bronze level online course last Fall with limited knowledge in Java. After three months of learning, he has got the full score in USACO Bronze level test. It was felt Ms.Wen’s class is very efficient and well organized, Students can achieve good results with limited amount of time. Ms. Wen is there to help personally if student encounters problems. This is also one of the advantages of Ms Wen’s course over other online course. We highly recommend Ms Wen’s Usaco courses.”

— By parent of USACO Bronze, Silver, Gold online student Kevin W.

“This class is very helpful. The teacher is well-versed in the subject and is very patient with her students. She is very good at explaining concepts and has cleared up many confusions that I had. I highly recommend.”

— By APCS student Anna S.

“We learned a lot of the basics. We also learned the concepts as well as how they are used in programs. The teacher was great and the content of the course was good. I also liked that we didn’t only do practice with certain concepts but incorporated what we learned into fun java programs like Blackjack and CozaWozaLoza.”

— By Java student, Daylia L.

“The course was very good and Victor was a great teacher at explaining concepts to students as well as being patient while helping them.”

— By Java Student, Raymond W.

“Well-guided in-class practices and organized topics for each specific class”

— By Anonymous Java Student

“I liked the in-class projects because they allowed me to see the real-world applications of java.”

— By Java Student, Kevin C.

“Dear Mrs. Wen, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I only started to prepare for the APCS A exam 2 months before the exam day.  Although I did have some previous coding knowledge, I was very much behind, and I had a lot to learn.
Your course prepared me thoroughly for the AP exam. Under your guidance, I quickly grew more fluent in Java. During class, you answered my many questions; after class, I would always go back and look at all the corrections you made on my work. Before I knew it, I had filled up an entire notebook on Java alone.I scored a 5 on the APCS A exam, and I owe most of my success to your course. Thank you for your help, and I hope for the success of your other students.
Again, thank you so much!”

— By APCS student Priscilla L.

“Thank you so much for not just teaching and guiding me even during the current situation, but also genuinely caring about all of your students individually. This wouldn’t have been possible without you! ” (Student attached screenshot of his AP score of 5)

— By APCS student Jasper L.

“Thank you so much for your guidance and help. I passed this weekend’s Bronze contest with a perfect score (1000/1000) with one and a half hour to spare! I started the Silver contest but only was able to solve for 5 total test cases. Again, thank you for teaching me about algorithms and data structures. You helped me pass bronze. “

— By USACO student Sid B.

“My son took Ms. Wen’s AP Computer Science class. Ms. Wen was extremely dedicated to helping her students succeed. She gave thorough feedback for everyone and even extended the class by one week to accommodate for the new AP testing schedule this year which is of great help. “

— By parent of AP CS A & Review student Jason L.

“I really liked the classes, especially the ones that were in person. I think that the amount of time you give us for working on problems is a good amount of time, so that we can get started with finding a solution and we can work on it later, but we still have a good sense of the problem. I think it would be nice to give optional practice problems (other than homework). Overall, I think that the classes were very helpful and enjoyable.”

— By Accelerated USACO Silver class student Austin W.

“I like the learning of the topics and the in-depth look into the exercises and features that each topic can do. I also like how there is a solution to every question with an explanation so students can either follow it if stuck or do it their own way in a similar fashion.”

— By USACO Silver class student, anonymous

“Happy New Years! 2019 has ended, and I just want to thank you for your help this year. In the past, I had to learn Pascal but I never really understood it. I thought that Java would be very hard, but your teaching made it seem easier! Thank you so much for your help this year, especially for giving me the videos (I’m on lesson 9 right now) I really really appreciate it, and I hope that our next year would be even better! “

— By Java student Priscilla L.

“Very interactive, engaging, fun, learn concepts while coding!”

— By APCS student Michael Y.

“I like how every lesson is extremely efficient, and that we receive a lot of practice in class. The way we are led through the question is also extremely helpful and thorough.”

— By USACO Bronze and Silver student, anonymous

“Teacher is knowledgeable. Slides are clear and short. You explain the concepts well.”

— By USACO Silver student, anonymous

“Class is interesting and helpful at the same time. I had fun.”

– By Java, APCS and USACO Bronze and Silver student Kevin L.

“The program offers a comfortable environment. The teacher is very patient and considerate of the students’ paces of learning.”

— By Java and APCS student Sarah L.

“Great AP CS program, enforcing effective and key information in a casual and comfortable environment.”

— By Java and APCS student Denver Y.

The slides are posted after each class for review

— By USACO Silver student, anonymous

“I enjoyed learning the new various data structures.”

— By USACO Silver student, anonymous

“The teacher is very helpful, really encouraging, especially for younger students.”

— By Java and USACO Bronze student Evan L.

“Great ap cs program!”

— By APCS student Amory G.

“I learned a lot through the AP CS course here. The teacher explains things clearly and concisely.”

— By APCS student Sandy D.

“Good teaching and good subject areas.”

— By USACO Bronze and Silver student Derrick W.