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Ascende Learning offers computer science classes, and strives to help young learners ascend to their highest potential.  All subjects are offered through both live onsite (zoom currently) and self-paced and closely monitored online courses.   To find out how our online courses differ from other self-paced and hands-off classes, read on here.

Why Us?

Our curriculum is crafted with 20+ years’ software industry and programming experience, with the right pace, order and combination of rigor and fun. Each and every lesson is targeted and focused on specific topics and techniques with real-world applicable practices. Our students learn rigorously while having fun and seeing how their knowledges can be used and valued, Students finish each course learning way more than expected, with a solid foundation build, and truly inspired and motivated. Join them to learn computer science in the most effective and efficient way! With less time, better result!

Quality, Commitment and Focus

  • Teacher only teaches very small number of classes to allow focus and thorough preparation for our students.  Usually only ONE per semester. We prioritize class quality over quantity.
  • All class materials and codes are proprietary and created in-house with countless hours of research, selection, polishing and optimization. We pick the best and most valuable topics and take pride in the high quality and value of our materials.
  • We store and share all class materials on google drive to keep students stay organized and efficient.
  • We provide class recordings for absent students.
  • Teacher is available outside of class to answer questions from parents and students directly and promptly.

Types of Lessons

Group Lessons

Semester-long weekly live lessons. Interactive. Paced.

Self-paced Lessons

Perfect combination of flexibility and rigor. Closely guided and monitored.