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Ascende Learning strives to help young learners ascend to their highest potential in the discipline of computer science and related subjects.  Our classroom is based in California Silicon Valley,  in the area of Cupertino and West San Jose area (See Map and Driving Direction).   We also offer closely administrated and monitored e-learning courses, see more details here to learn how our online courses differ from other self-paced and hands-off classes.

Quality, Commitment and Focus

  • Teacher only teaches very small number of classes to allow focus and thorough preparation for our students. We prioritize class quality over quantity.
  • Small class size,  so every one receive personal attention!
  • All class materials and codes are proprietary and created in-house with countless hours of research, selection, polish and optimization. We pick the best and most valuable topics and take pride in the high quality and value of our materials.
  • We store and share all class materials on google drive to keep students stay organized and efficient.
  • We provide class recordings for absent students.
  • Teacher is available outside of class to answer questions from parents and students directly.

Our Philosophy

  • Passion and interest first
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Think out loud and be fearless
  • Positive enforcement

Types of Lessons

In additional to traditional group onsite classes, we also offer:

    • Online classes for remote students or students with busy schedules.  Our online lessons are different than most other online courses that are completely hands-off.  Make sure to see Ascend-E-Learning page for all details.
  • Private lessons upon request, please refer to the FAQ page for details.

Start Your Ascende Experience Now

Check out the courses we are currently offering, and the FAQ page for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your academic success!