Ascende Learning – Getting Started

Ascende Learning  offers computer science classes to middle and high schoolers, and strives to help young learners ascend to their highest potential.  All subjects are offered through both live onsite (zoom currently) and self-paced online courses.  

Classes Offered

Java Class Student Review

Java Programming Courses

Fundamental and Intermediate level Java programming classes to stimulate student's interests and passion, sharpen their programming skills, set a strong foundation to excel higher!

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP Computer Science A is a must-take for anyone interested in the stem/computer science area. Our AP curriculum thoroughly prepares students to get that shiny 5 that they deserve!

USACO Classes

Renowned USACO Training Program

Our data-driven and laser-targeted USACO curriculum combines efficiency, comprehensiveness and an optimized pace to give students the most productive USACO training possible.

Why Us?

Choose Your Ascending Path

Computer Science Learning Roadmap

Two Ways to Take the Classes! Choose What

Live Zoom Lessons

Semester-long interactive classes that meet weekly. Learn with peers with steady pace. Stay with the program and go far and beyond! 

Self Paced Classes

Learn whenever you want at your pace! No slack though - homework is required! Seek help at office hour or any time through email!