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We offer year round USACO Silver class (USA Computing Olympiad) from San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay/San Jose/Cupertino).  USACO is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the states. For more information on USACO:


Train and prepare students to pass the USACO Silver level contest to become Gold level contestants.


This course is for students who satisfy at least one of the following criteria:


** All topics below would be taught and practiced with specifically for Silver level contest.

  • Silver level searching algorithms
  • Silver level advanced data Structures
  • Silver level tree and graph algorithms
  • Other Silver level advanced algorithms
  • Optimization
  • Implementation problems

Note: Our curriculum’s leveling definitions are in general more advanced than most other institutes, please refer to our topic list for each level and contact us to personalized evaluation for the student if he/she has attended USACO classes/camps at other institutes.

Silver1 and Silver2

Our two-parts silver course of Silver 1 and Silver 2 covers THE ENTIRE set of techniques that students need to learn to pass the USACO Silver contest. They are two consecutive Silver courses that cover different topics that go from easier ones to more advanced ones, each accounting for about half of the Silver-level topic lists. Students should take Silver 1 first then continue into Silver 2. Silver 2 is not a drill and practice course for Silver 1.

Must Read: Scope and topic comparison between our curriculum and other USACO class providers

Additional information

Learning Mode

Hybrid, Self-paced, Weekly live (Zoom)

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Reviews by Students and Parents on “USACO Silver 1 & 2 Fall 2021 ~ Spring 2022”

  1. I enjoyed the USACO Silver I class! Good balance of examples/explanation and individual practice. Also had a good balance of teaching algorithms & implementing them.

  2. I enjoyed this class a lot! Ms. Wen taught many useful concepts that helped me to do many Silver problems. Like others have said, this class is quite helpful even if you haven’t passed Bronze yet. I will definitely continue with the Silver 2 class.

  3. Don’t worry if you haven’t passed Bronze yet. You can still take this class. This class is more advanced than the Bronze class, and it is the perfect class to take after you’ve finished the Bronze class. Not only has this class let me practice my coding skills, it has also helped me pass USACO’s Bronze test. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to prepare for any level of USACO.

  4. This class is great for students wanting to pass USACO Bronze and Silver. Ms. Wen is very helpful both during class and for homework. The lessons are well structured and allow the students to learn about data structures and algorithms that may be needed during USACO. The teacher hand picks problems from previous USACO contests in order to practice certain algorithms and data structures. I would definitely recommend this class for students to practice and prepare for USACO.

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