USACO Classes

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USACO (USA Computing Olympiad) is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the states. For more information on USACO: We offer year round USACO Classes at students’ appropriate levels from San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay/San Jose/Cupertino) and also ONLINE to everyone who has the will to learn and ascend through the USACO levels.

What are taught in our USACO classes?

Our usaco classes focus on competitive programming training and consists of main areas:

1) Algorithms; and

2) Data structures

Basic programming is not the focus of these classes therefore prerequisites for students include capability of largely independent programming on their own in the language that they are most comfortable with. We recommend that students at least have learned programming for a year (two semesters) before chartering into this wonderful world of problem solving and challenge-filled fun! Most of our students have completed the Fundamental Java Programming course and Intermediate Java Programming course or AP Computer Science A course, before starting on the journey of USACO.

Different USACO Class Levels

USACO Bronze

Learn basic competitive programming techniques to reach the USACO Silver division

USACO Silver

Rigorous training on more advanced algorithms and data structures to reach USACO Gold


Master complex algorithms and data structures to solve hard problems and advance to Platinum!

How to Choose a USACO Training Program  How Do We Stand Out  Students’ Stellar Results