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When is this course offered?

This course is offered all year round, both onsite and and online with office hours throughout the year. To see how our online courses work and how are we different than other online courses, read here.


We offer year round USACO Bronze and Advanced Bronze (USA Computing Olympiad) training classes at students’ appropriate levels. USACO is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the states. For more information on USACO:

We spent thousands of hours analyzing contest problems in all recent years and levels, performed extensive and meticulous data analysis to create proprietary materials to prepare students to succeed in their contest in the most efficiently and targeted manner.


Prepare students to pass the the USACO contest at Bronze level, most of our students pass Bronze level on first attempt, and many with full scores!


Beginner Programming level required (Java preferred)

Students should be comfortable writing program in Java (or C, C++) using functions, conditional statements, loops and array, and enjoy logical thinking and problem solving.

NOTE: Not like a lot of the USACO Bronze classes offered from some other institutes, we do REQUIRE students to already possess the fundamental programming skills (preferable in Java but other languages is fine too).  Our bronze level class is truly a contest and competition preparation,  and focuses on problem solving, algorithms and data structures, and consistently delivers more advanced topics and contents.  For students who wants to learn programming for the purpose of competition, they should take our fundamental programming classes first which are roughly equivalent to what students will learn first from many other institutes’ bronze level classes.


  • Brute Force
  • Sorting and Searching
  • Intermediate Data structures
  • String processing
  • Recursion
  • Simulation problems

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This Course In Your Ascending Path

Minimum Requirement:   

Java Programming  –> USACO Bronze –> USACO Silver

       The following path will get you a even stronger headstart for the course

APCS  –>  USACO Bronze  –> USACO Silver

For students who have passed the USACO Bronze contests or have completed our USACO Bronze course, please continue to the USACO Silver level course.