Bronze Class Comparison

This course covers THE ENTIRE set of techniques that students need to learn to pass the USACO Bronze contest. Compared to many other USACO curriculum, you spend LESS TIME, LESS TUITION, and LEARN MORE.  All other USACO curriculums that we see involves more lessons and not even cover everything students need to learn.  This is true also for Silver and Gold level curriculums. [More]
Our Bronze CurriculumBronze lessons at Institute ABronze lessons at Institute K
How many sessions (i.e. semesters) in total needed 1 session only2 sessions2 sessions
How many lessons per course15 lessons (weeks)12 lessons (weeks) per session (18 lessons (weeks) per session
How many hours per lesson2 hr2 hr1 hr
Total Number of Lesson Hours30 hrs total48 hrs total36 hrs total
Total Number of Weeks Needed15 weeks total (one semester only)24 weeks needed (2 semesters)36 weeks needed
Topics coveredMore – All techniques bronze contests testedLessLess, only basic

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