What is different about our USACO Classes?

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Curriculum – Precisely Targeted and Crafted

  • Data Driven and Crafted with Heart

Our curriculum is the result of extensive data analysis on all past available USACO contest problems. We looked at every single past problem, and determine its needed algorithms, data structures, techniques and difficulty level, then we collate and slice and dice all data from different angels in order to derive:

1) the scope of each contest level, 

2) the best sequence of topics to teach them to students,

3) the best problem selection for each topic

As a result, our curriculum of each level is 100% targeted with laser focus so our students can pass each contest level with the highest learning efficiency. 

  • Acknowledged from USACO.org

To ensure our courses align with USACO’s contests perfectly, we specifically checked with usaco.org and received personal acknowledgement from USACO’s head Brian Dean. We are also very honored to be enlisted as a training resource on usaco.org.

  • Stay Updated

We also closely monitor each year’s new USACO contest problems and keep our lessons updated to keep providing our students the best and most updated lessons to succeed in their USACO journey.

Course Length

When deciding on duration of each level’s courses and numbers of lessons needed, we try to strike the best delicate balance between width, depth and aggressiveness, for our students to succeed within the shortest amount of time reasonable . Our bronze level course is ONLY 15 lessons long to teach students everything they need to learn to excel in the Bronze contest, and ONLY 2 sessions of 12 lessons each for Silver, and Gold lessons.  

Course Timing

We also plan our course dates based on the annual timing of each contest season. In order to maximize students’ chances to advance in current year , we always finish Bronze course by the first contest of the season, and strive to complete both Silver and Gold sessions by the open contest, so students don’t have to wait for another full year!

Homework and Practice Problems

All the problems that we use for lectures, practices and homework come with clear and highly readable solutions written and commented in-house for students to understand easily. Students can also get accurate correctness grading of their work with the automatic grading server from usaco.org, there is no extra or additional grading system needed.  Of course we also provide feedback and comment on their homework submission which no automatic system can do.

Video recording availability 

In case of absence or student not able to fully grasp anything in class, we provide video recordings for them to catch up after class.  We do everything to set up students to succeed, we provide all materials and require students to keep up with the class!

Outstanding Results

Because of all the efforts we put into every detail of our curriculum and we have students’ interest and success as our highest priority, and of course with the hard work of our students, THE RESULTS SHOWSee here for their outstanding performance!!