FAQ For Online Classes

How do your online classes work?

See detailed explanation at https://ascendelearning.com/elearning/

How do I signup?

Check out the course list at the beginning of the https://ascendelearning.com/elearning/ and click on the “Detail” link next to each course. Follow the instruction to complete the quick enrollment and payment information online.  The first lesson will be available to be taken on the same day.

Is the online class in-person video conferencing or recorded sessions?

Our online classes contain pre-recorded videos and materials. Students can watch the videos at any time of their convenience, and also be able to fast forward, pause, rewind, adjust speed, etc. 

They can also always go back to a previous lesson to watch the video repeatedly, there is no limit whatsoever for replay.

Are the videos recordings from on-site classes ?

Yes and No.  Some videos are edited recordings from on-site classes, and some other videos are recorded separately offline.  We cut out practice part of the recordings to ensure quality of the videos for online students, and sometimes record and add more materials.

How long are the videos?

All online class videos contains the same (OR MORE) materials that are covered from each onsite lesson, because we use exactly the same curriculum, therefore, you can expect the video length to be less than 1.5 hour long (since we cut off the practice part). However, sometimes, when we re-record materials offline, we are able to go into more details, and cover more materials. So you will even find videos that are over 1.5 hour long.  Even some videos that are less than 1.5 hour long actually contains more materials than we are able to cover from onsite lesson.

Please check individual page for each online course for detailed information.

I just signed up but having issue accessing the lesson, what should I do?

After you sign up, you can start to enter the course area RIGHT AWAY. Take the first 1 (or 2) lessons (i.e. Lesson 0 and Lesson 0.5 for some courses)  first and make sure to read through all information, before proceeding to Lesson 1.  You may experience access issue to the videos and slides for Lesson 1,  which means we have not completed the setup process for you.  Please expect for the process to be completed within 48 hours, but usually much sooner on the same day that you enroll. 

What if I can’t stay up with the weekly class release schedule?

The point of the online courses is to offer busy but committed learners the maximum flexibility to support their learning. We release lessons weekly to help student stay up the speed, but if students are not able to take the released lessons right away, it is totally fine. They can take the released lessons when they are able to.  The released lessons will not be removed after the week passes so no worries!

How long do I have access to the course?

We will keep the course for you for 24 months, so you have plenty of time to complete it as your schedule permits. But to benefit from any course in the most optimal way, we high recommend you to try follow the pace of one lesson per week.

What if I want a faster pace?

You can request to modify your enrollment date to be a prior date, so that more lessons are available to you right way. To make the request,  read all information and submit this form: Request For Online Course Release

Can you tell me about homework?

Sure.  For Java and APCS course, after you finish going through the lesson material, you will upload your homework at the bottom of the online lesson page.

You can only proceed to next lesson if your homework is approved by teacher.  If you receive feedback from teacher asking you to correct and resubmit, you must do so before the system allows to you to move on to the next lesson (even though the next lesson has been released per schedule).

This is to ensure quality of students’ learning.

When Can I expect to hear back after I submit homework?

You should expect to receive feedback on your homework on the same day (of course not if you submit on 11.59PM).  If your homework is not approved, make sure to make needed corrections and resubmit.

What about homework for USACO courses?

For USACO Bronze, Silver or Gold online course, you do not need to submit homework. You should verify the correctness of your program with the test cases from usaco.org directly.  However, follow the instruction on your online course page to keep teacher updated on the completeness of each problem.

To help enforcing learning, a timer is in place for all USACO online lessons to make sure students spend enough time to go through online materials.  

How do I get help?

Feel free to attend the online office hours that we offer twice a week.  All online students will see the detailed instruction on the online course starting page about how to connect into the office hour with Zoom.  You can also email info@ascendelearning.com if you need any help. 

What is the refund policy?

You can cancel at any time and receive refund on the lessons that we have not released on the weekly release schedule.

Note, the first lesson is released and available right away upon enrollment so that student can start the course any time without waiting, therefore, the first lesson is not refundable just as any released lesson.

Prorated refund is calculated based on the number of lessons released, not based on how many lessons the student claims to have taken (or not taken). Students are responsible to take the lessons as they are released and will not receive refund if they fall behind the one-lesson-per-week schedule.

To cancel your online class, email info@ascendelearning.com with student name, parent name if student is minor, enroll date, course name, and reason for the cancellation.

What if I have other question?

Contact us!