APCS A Review and Test Prep – Spring 2020

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We offer APCS Test Prep class every Spring semester for students who seeks review and intensive preparation for the AP Computer Science exam.

Spring 2020 Lesson Dates

Date Lesson#
01/17/2020 1
01/24/2020 2
01/31/2020 3
02/07/2020 4
02/14/2020 No class
02/21/2020 5
02/28/2020 6
03/06/2020 7
03/13/2020 8
03/20/2020 9
03/27/2020 10
04/03/2020 11
04/10/2020 12
04/17/2020 No class
04/24/2020 13
05/01/2020 14


Ascende Learning AP Computer Science A or equivalent

Content and Structure

In this portion of the APCS course, we will :

Go through all materials and knowledges required in the APCS exam scope

Spend more time on common challenging and difficult topics so students will get more exposures and practices on them

Go through AP practice tests that include multiple choices and free response (code writing) problems.

All through the course, we will identify key knowledge points that students need to be reviewed and refreshed, and focus on those in lecture and exercises, the goal is for students to repeatedly practice what they learned, and learn what they are weak at, and eventually complete the course obtaining proficiency in Java programming and/or ace the AP Computer Science test.


Prepare students to be ready to take the APCS test upon completion of this class.


Barron’s AP Computer Science A 8th Edition

Equipment Requirement

Students need to bring own laptop to class, and have JRE and IDE installed. But no need to do it prior to first class.

Where is this course in our recommended learning path?

AP CS A –> APCS Test Prep –-> USACO Bronze