Self-Paced Classes – Flexibility Meets Rigor

Our self-paced computer science classes are thoughtfully defined and conducted within a framework containing office hours, homework submission/tracking, and reminders and progress monitoring. We stay with students every step of the way and offer the best option that combines flexibility and rigor. 

self-paced computer science classes

Self Paced Course List

Fundamental Java Programming 15 Lessons + Office Hours
Intermediate Java Programming 15 Lessons + Office Hours
AP Computer Science A 14 Lessons + Office Hours
AP CS A Review and Test Prep 14 Lessons + Office Hours
USACO Bronze 1  12 Lessons + Office Hours
USACO Bronze 2  12 Lessons + Office Hours
USACO Silver 1 12 Lessons + Office Hours
USACO Silver 2 12 Lessons + Office Hours
USACO Gold 1 12 Lessons + Office Hours
USACO Gold 2 12 Lessons + Office Hours


What does “Self-Paced” Mean?

  • Student can take the classes anytime and with any pace that fits their needs, aspiration and schedule
  • By default, class is released one lesson per week to help keep students on a regular pace
  • Students don’t need to take the released lessons right away, if they are busy, they can take things slow and make progress anytime they want
  • If students want to take the lessons faster, simply fill out an easy form to notify us and we will customize lesson availability for each student’s need. Very often students choose to have all lessons released to them and just grind away!
  • No need to wait, start any time! First lesson is released for you to take on the same day you enroll!

Content of Self-Paced Courses

  • Curriculum for self-paced class and on-site class (live zoom classes) are identical for all courses.
  • All self-paced lessons contain high quality annotated screen recordings and slides, and often even contains more content (such as USACO homework problems) that doesn’t fit in live lessons due to time constraints.
  • We keep all class content up to date

How do Students Seek Help?

  • We offer live weekly zoom office hours
  • If the weekly regular office hour time doesn’t work for students, they can make appointment for office hours
  • Students can email us anytime with questions with prompt responses

How do We Engage with Students and Parents?

  • Students get notified in the email when a new lesson is released for them
  • Students get an nudge email if they have not been taking classes for 3 weeks
  • Homework submission is required for all courses and all lessons
  • Parents can contact us anytime to inquire on student’s progress and homework quality and performance

Any Limits on Accessing Materials?

  • All recordings support pause, forward/rewind, playback in different speeds, and can be played back anytime with NO limitation.
  • Students can review all previous lesson materials anytime they need to within 1~3 years (depending on courses)

Who Can Benefit

  • Students who are located remotely or want to save time on the road!
  • Busy learners with hard schedule conflicts
  • Late enroll-ers for onsite classes that are already underway
  • Students who want to take the lessons in their own faster or slower pace!
  • Students who want to learn in the piecemeal way
  • Anyone who is driven and willing to learn!

Stress-Free Cancellation Anytime

Our goal is provide the best learning experience and result for students. If you are not happy with anything with the self-paced courses, simply email info@ascendelearning.comwith your enrollment information and request withdrawal and receive prorated refund for all unreleased lessons.