Terms and Conditions

Onsite Class Enrollment Process

Registration Fee

A registration processing fee will be collected during enrollment.  The registration fee secures your spot for the class and is not refundable. Your commitment helps with our accurate planning. We want to keep the small class size to not compromise student’s quality of learning.

Waiting List

When the class is full,  the waiting list will be open, please use the same process to enroll and get on the waiting list, as follows:

  1. Use the same sign up process to be added to the waiting list. The registration fee is still required so that when a spot is opened for you , your spot is immediately confirmed.
  2. If we can not accommodate the student in waiting list when the course starts, registration fee will be fully returned.

How do you make payments for tuition?

The full amount of tuition is due 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.  We will send out invoices to the email address that you used to enroll, and provide detailed payment instructions.  Please make prompt payment to confirm your seats, and if your situation changed and you can no longer take the course, please let us know as soon as your earliest convenience, so that we can make your seat available to students from the waiting list.

If tuition is not received by 1 week prior to the start of the course, we reserve the right to make your seat available to students in waiting list.

Withdrawal and Refund

  • We offer prorated refund up to the 3rd lessons into the course.  I.e. Students can take up to three lessons and receive the rest of the tuitions back.
  • Any withdrawal notice must be provided to us at least one week in advance.  I.e. the latest time to notify us about withdrawal is the end of the day of the 2nd lesson.
  • Starting from the day after the 2nd lesson, there will be no refund or credit.
  • There will be no refund or tuition proration for absence or students that join the class after the courses start.

Changes by Ascende Learning

  • In case of any schedule changes or cancellations made by Ascende Learning School, all unused tuition will be refunded.
  • The registration fee will be refundable in the event that class is cancelled,  or rescheduled by Ascende Learning but the new class time no longer works for the student.

Online Class Enrollment Process

When can student enroll?

  • Student can sign up for online class anytime throughout the year, and access the first lesson right away. Subsequent lessons will be released weekly.

Registration Fee

  • No

Waiting List

  • No

How to pay tuition

  • Make one convenient and quick payment online when enroll

Withdrawal and Refund

  • Lessons are released weekly. Student can withdraw anytime and receive full refund for all released lessons.
  • Withdrawn students lose access to the entire online course

About Absence

  1. We will provide all study materials and students are expected to self study and do all homework on time and keep up the pace with the class. Video recording of the class is also available upon request, the recording may be an equivalent recorded session that covers the same material.
  2. There is no refund or credit for absence, noticed or unnoticed.
  3. For any expected absence, please let us know 3+ days ahead of time.


All class materials including slides, homework, class recordings and any other contents are proprietary and copyrighted by Ascende Learning/Leana Wen. It is to be used by our direct students only and no redistribution and sharing is allowed for either profit or non-profit purpose.

Liability Waiver

Parents and students agree to release and hold harmless Ascende Learning and all teachers and residents at the premise, and waive any claim for injury or damage caused any dangers, hazards and risks (foreseen and unforeseen).

Photo/Video/Media Release

Parents and students give Ascende Learning and its teachers permission and copyright to take group pictures and share it on website or social media. To opt out, simply submit the releaes opt-out form.

Student Code of Conduct

  • Arrive around <5 minutes before class and settle in.
  • Always bring all supplies to class including textbook, full-charged laptop,  and writing supplies for taking notes and practices.
  • No food in classroom.
  • Water and drink must be in capped container.
  • Leave no trace – take away your own trash after class

It will be a fun and rewarding experience, we look forward to seeing you!