Which class is a good fit for me?

We offer the following Computer Science classes:

Which class should I take?  Find where you are in this ascending path chart, that will give you a good initial idea, then read the detailed description below.


For student with no prior Java experience, or had some exposure but not super strong foundation,  the Fundamental Java Programming course is a good fit.  This class will be aligned with the Java portion of the local high school “Introduction to Programming: Java” class curriculum and get students ready to take the APCS course or prepare for USACO competition as next step.

This course is targeted to students who have completed our fundamental Java Programming course and yearns to further solidify their learning and sharpen programming skills.  The course will teacher more advanced Java topics, with an emphasis on hands-on practices and projects.

This course prepares students to be more successful in the AP Computer Science A course, or the USACO Bronze course.

If the student has successfully taken our Java Programming course, or even the Intermediate Java Programming course (or equivalent),  he/she can take the APCS course as the next step. This class is aligned with the scope of the local high school AP Computer Science A curriculum and get students ready to take the APCS test.

Upon completion,  students will have grasped all key Java concepts that are in the scope of AP Computer Science A test, and definitely more, and be able to write Java programs to solve intermediate complex level problems, and ready to engage in larger scale projects and achieve high score for the APCS A exam.

If the student has successfully taken our APCS course, or equivalent, he/she can take the APCS Test Prep course (offered only in the Spring season) as the next step. This class prepares students to perform in the AP Computer Science A test administrated in every May and get that score of 5 that they have been working hard for!

We offer USACO classes in the levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students should take these classes in this order to best prepare themselves in the most effective and efficient way to conquer the different levels of USACO competitions.  Our Bronze class students consists of students from AP Computer Science A class, Java Intermediate class, and the brightest students from Java Fundamental class, they are expected to be comfortable with basic programming and don’t need too much hand-holding. If that sounds like you, then join us!

Contact us if you need help determining which class would be the best fit for you!