Scope Comparison With Public School Courses

To serve local students in the best way possible, we redesigned our courses to be aligned with the local public high school Java and APCS courses.  See the following for how our curriculum align:

Our Course Local High School
Fundamental Java Programming Part of “Computer Programming JAVA”
AP Computer Science A (APCS) AP Computer Science
Not offered AP Comp Sci Principles
USACO Bronze not offered
USACO Silver not offered
USACO Gold not offered

Disclaimer: The comparison is approximate and may not be accurate since the detailed scopes may vary among different public schools and different teachers, but it serves as a guidance for parents and students to understand how do our courses map in general to the courses that the students would have or have taken from school.

Examples of the topics that we will NOT cover in the Java/APCS course: (None of them are in the APCS exam scope, some of them will be covered in the USACO course)

  • GUI Programming and related topics
  • GridWorld
  • Iterator
  • StringBuffer and StringBuilder
  • Read and Write from/to File System or Stream

Which course should I take then?

** In addition to matching the high school and APCS required curriculum, our courses consistently teaches concepts and materials beyond the APCS defined scope.

We teach students not just for the purpose of test, but to nurture life long interests and skills.