Fundamental Java Programming


Best Java class for beginners with zero or minimum programming exposures to solidly get into the wonderful world of computer science. No prior experience required.  Be prepared to be amazed at how much you will learn and morph into passionate programmers and avid CS pursuer!

Required grade: G7+ (Incoming grade for Fall)



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At Ascende Learning, we believe in setting yourself a strong foundation so you can run further and excel higher. This is a rigorous course just to do that, while we use many real-world applications to let students see how they can apply what they learned in a fun and meaningful way. With this class, students are intrigued, stimulated, encouraged, and well equipped to move forward! That is why we keep seeing incredible outcome from our students!

Curriculum & Materials

Professionally and Thoroughly Designed

Steadily Paced for Motivated Beginners

Combination of Rigor and Fun

Interest-Simulating Real World Applications

Slides and Homework from Every Lesson

Video Recordings Available

Student and Parent Support

All Homework Corrected and Graded

Parents Receive Regular Student Grade Reports

Office Hour and TA Support

Direct and Easy Access To Teacher with Prompt Responses

Take a Sample Listen!

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 Why Learn Java

Java is one of the most popular and widely used computer programming languages (Read about it) and also one of the easiest to learn and intuitive programming language.  This is a must-take beginner java class to pave your path into:

  • A successful career no matter what you do, with a basic understanding of the CS arena with the most intuitive and easy to learn programming languages! 

  • Take on the APCS exam which is administrated with Java language (no other language!)

  • Get into USACO competition 


 As a Java class for complete beginners, this course does not require any prior programming experience, we expect student to have necessary algebra knowledge including concept of functions. Other than that, bring your inquisitive mind and willingness to put in efforts and learn real cool things and join us!

Fundamental Java Course plan

The class will follow a rigorous Java language curriculum, our course plan is thoughtfully crafted so that the sequence of concepts makes the most sense, and students have more opportunities to practice previously learned knowledge to build a solid foundation.

Class Structure

There will be lecture time as well as hands-on practice time in class.


Yes. There will be homework, of various length.  In the beginning of the class, materials will be pretty easy and homework will also not take long, but the class will develop into much more complex materials and it will take some brain power and homework time between classes.

Required Equipment

Yes, students need to bring own laptop (and charger 🙂 to class, and have JRE and IDE installed. See next for instruction on how to setup your environment before first class!

Setup IntelliJ for Java Programming

Please setup your computer (laptop for onsite class to bring with you) per instruction here prior to the first class.


Not required.  Class materials include our in-house developed proprietary materials in combination of online exercises. 

Will student be ready to take APCS test upon completion of this class?

NO. At completion of this class, students need to proceed to take an AP Computer Science A course either at local high school or at Ascende Learning to obtain the full scope of APCS required Java knowledge and skills.

Where is this course in your ascending path

This is our most basic course that sets the solid foundation for all subsequent courses. After successfully completed this course,  most students should continue into the Intermediate Java Programming course to further solidify and practice what they learned while learning new concepts, and engaged in numerous fun and hands-on projects, which will get you much more ready for taking on either AP Computer Science A or USACO courses.

Additional information

Learning Mode

Self Paced

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Reviews by Students and Parents on “Fundamental Java Programming”

  1. I really like this class! The lessons are very easy to follow and the teacher is very helpful. No matter how many questions you ask, there is always a positive and helpful answer. Even if you still don’t get it, they will go into any amount of detail to try it explain it best for you! The homework is moderate and just right. They give you bonus points if you submit it early. Even after the due date, there is still time for late submissions (about a week). This is what really helped me. Knowing I could take my time and really spend time on my code, helped me a lot when taking this class. This class is the best for learning the fundamentals of Java programming.

  2. Great class for beginners. Moves at the right pace, not too fast and not too slow. Introduces all fundamental java topics, and the teacher is very knowledgeable. Would recommend.

  3. This was an outstanding class that taught me a lot about Java. The lessons were productive and well-paced and a lot of effort was put into grading my homework. Highly recommend it for beginners to learn fundamental Java. I have already signed up for the next course, Intermediate Java. Looking forward to joining it in September!

  4. This is an excellent class for starters. The classes are fun and interesting and the homework problems are fun to do. I have learned a lot from this class.

  5. This is an extraordinary class for ones that want to start programming. The teacher made every class very interesting and was very patient with questions. Because I was in a far-away time zone, I wasn’t able to attend TA office hours, but the teacher was very helpful and fast in responding to emails. Recommended for anyone who wants to learn Java!

  6. This is a great class for beginner. Interesting content , challenging and engaging homework. The teacher is very knowledgeable and answers all questions clearly. the TAs are very helpful.

  7. It is an amazing class for beginner! The teacher is patient and knowledgable. Other than the high quality class, the teacher creates homework for each class’ review, also spends the extra time correcting homework after class. It is very useful! My son very enjoy the classes. *Highly* recommend to anyone who wants to learn Java!

  8. This was a great class to teach me the fundamentals of Java. It really helped me succeed in the future courses, which conversely also helped solidify my coding techniques. I liked that we were able to do some projects that, albeit simple, were able to help consolidate our learning.

  9. This class is an awesome class for beginners. The teacher is very helpful, and doesn’t hesitate to answer any questions. The course material is well thought out, and is perfect-paced. After taking this class, I was able to further my coding career with even more advanced classes. What I think is making me so successful in java currently, is my foundation, which I learned from this class.

  10. This is a very good class for starting to learn Java programming. The lessons are very well structured and easy to follow. The teacher is very helpful in class, and the homework is well organized and helps the students learn the syntax of Java Programming. I would highly recommend this class to anyone hoping to learn Java.

  11. My daughter started with fundamental Java Programming class. This is the best class to start programming! The lecture was very precise and fun, once she developed the interest she was able to learn Java quickly. After each lesson the homework assignment is very organized and carefully graded before the next lesson. She enjoyed the class discussions and made some nice friends as well.

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