AscendePoint Reward System

Welcome to the AscendePoint Reward System! There are multiple ways to earn AscendePoints and use them, as our sincere and never-changing thank-you from Ascende Learning.

Many Ways to Earn Points

  • Sign up for a free Ascende Learning account for 500 points 
  • Review a class that you took for 500 points 
  • Earn points for ALL class enrollments! Just visit a class page to see details.

Tell a Friend 

  • Send your personalized link below to a friend.  [*Note that the link is only proper if you are currently logged in].
  • Earn 200 points when your friend signs up for a free Ascende Learning account
  • Earn 5000 points when your friend enrolls for a class!

Where is my referral information?

  1. Click on the “My Account” tab to log in to your account (or sign up for a free account if you don’t have one yet)
  2. Click on “Referral Link” or visit to copy your own referral link to send to your friend
  3. Click on “AscendePoints” or visit to see all your referral activities and  your AscendePoint grow!



How can I use my AscendePoints?

  • AscendePoints can be redeemed at $1 per 100 points
  • One-click easy redeem when you check out any classes


  • Access exclusive content area that are available only with AscendePoints
  • Alumni can even cash out or transfer points! (with half of the redeem value)
  • All AscendePoints add up and can be used for 2 years

Now what are you waiting for? Start to accrue your points!