Meet Amy

(Sorry for the enticing title, just thought it was fun)

To illustrate how to earn rewards off tuition, let’s look at how Amy reaped up $152 off her summer tuition while helping others:

Our student Amy has 5000 points (worth $50) in her account earned as her current class enrollment promotion reward. Now she is ready to continue into our Summer Bronze hybrid class. She doesn’t need to pay the $20 out of pocket enrollment fee, because she has 5000 points to use. She uses 2000 points to enroll, and the new summer class enrollment rewards her another 2000 points right away. So now she is enrolled, with still 5000 points in the system!

While waiting for class to start, she wants to help us, help her friends and benefit herself too, why not?

  • She logged in, grabbed her personalized link from the account tab, and sent it to a few of her friends, 10 of them clicked on her link and visited our page and learned about us. She earned 100 points * 10 => 1000 points
  • Two of her friends like what they see and enrolls for summer class as well, each earned her 2500 points, that is 5000 points (i.e.$50). BTW, both her friends only earned 2500 additional points.
  • She wrote a raving review under her class page, which earned her 200 points
  • She posted our class page and information on her facebook to tell people about her great experiences, and emailed us a screenshot, which earned her $20
  • Her mom also appreciate the class and posted about Ascende Learning on WeChat moments, and sent us the screenshots. We record another $20 with appreciation.

As a result of the support, appreciation and help from students like Amy and her mom, our classes will get to open and be able to help students and parents like them! And Amy’s friends definitely appreciate her to bring them along, and she enjoys their companies while harvesting precious friendships.

And when it is time for Amy’s summer bronze tuition, before she knows it, she already accumulated rewards of 11200 points PLUS $40 credits which earns $152 OFF her tuition!

That is how we appreciate all our students and parents, and how we would like the positive energy to keep flowing and propel us to move forward. Let’s all feel the satisfaction of helping others and the good feeling of being appreciated!