Introducing Hybrid Learning Mode!

We are very excited to introduce the new Hybrid Learning Mode starting Summer 2021, which keeps the advantages and flexibility of the Self-Paced Learning Mode, and further enhanced with more reassuring and regular pace. So how does it work?

Hybrid Mode with Flexibility + Ensured Pace

  • All students to start the session together and progress along at the same weekly pace.
  • Throughout each week, students enjoy the flexibility to go through the recordings at any time by themselves, with unlimited replay, and access to teacher and TA through live office hours and emails.
  • Students and parents receive regular emails throughout the course for reminders, updates and status
  • Class meets about monthly in person for checkup and tests.

Three Learning Modes Side by Side

Curriculum & HomeworkSameSameSame
Use Ascende Learning’s learning system for recording and slide access and homework submit?Same SystemSame SystemSame System
Office Hour and TAYesYesYes
Group/PrivateGroup GroupPrivate
Class PaceFixedFixed for the semester duration & flexible between checkpoint meetings and tests.Completely flexible
Student grades posted regularlyYesYesNo
Can take class faster?NoNoYes, as fast as you want
Always Available?NoNoYes, Always
Can start anytime?NoNoYes, start right away when enroll, no need to wait for session to start!

Which one works for you the best?