APCS A Review and Test Prep


We offer APCS Test Prep class every Spring semester for students who seeks review and intensive preparation for the AP Computer Science exam. Students can also take the course any time throughout the year with the self-paced mode.

Total # of Lessons:  14


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Prerequisite :

Ascende Learning AP Computer Science A or equivalent

Content and Structure

In this part of the APCS A course, we will :

  • Go through all materials and knowledges required in the CollegeBoard APCS exam scope
  • Spend more time on common challenging and difficult topics so students will get more exposures and practices on them
  • Go through AP practice tests that include multiple choices and free response (code writing) problems.
  • All through the course, we will identify key knowledge points that students need to be reviewed and refreshed, and focus on those in lecture and exercises, the goal is for students to repeatedly practice what they learned, and learn what they are weak at, and eventually complete the course obtaining proficiency in Java programming and/or ace the AP Computer Science test.


Prepare students to be ready to take the AP Computer Science A test upon completion of this class. 2022 AP CS exam date is published to be 05/04/2022.


Barron’s AP Computer Science A 8th Edition or 9th Edition

Equipment Requirement

Students need to bring own laptop to class, and have JRE and IDE installed. But no need to do it prior to first class.

Where is this course in our recommended learning path?

AP CS A –> APCS Test Prep 

Additional information

Learning Mode

Self Paced

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Reviews by Students and Parents on “APCS A Review and Test Prep”

  1. This course was extremely helpful with both summarizing the AP content and providing a lot of practice. The test was pretty easy with this course, and I scored a 5! I highly recommend this class because of how much practice you can get and how well Ms. Wen teaches the content.

  2. If I had the choice to choose again, I would probably choose to not take AP CS A at my high school and solely take it with Ascende Learning. Because Ascende’s courses prepared me so well for AP CS A, I did not learn anything when I took it at my high school and cruised through the course with an A+ in both semesters. My high school’s course teaches the entire curriculum from beginning to end. Since I had already learned it all, I did not have trouble in the class. However, after the entire curriculum is finished, there is not much time left to drill questions in preparation for the AP Exam (only 1 week, in fact). I chose this class to have more opportunities to drill questions, and couldn’t be happier about my decision. The instructor was helpful and dedicated, and even graciously checked some extra questions that I did outside of class. The lessons are organized very logically and the teacher is easily approachable. I would, however, like to say that this is a very self-motivated class, as most of the homework is just drilling questions. Any student interested in taking this class should be prepared for about 1-2 hours’ worth of homework after each class session. I would strongly recommend Ascende Learning’s AP CS A Test Prep Course, and am happy to announce that it has helped me get a shiny 5 on the 2021 AP Computer Science A Exam!

    1. To add on: during the exam, I finished the Multiple Choice Section 6 minutes early and the Free Response Section approximately 40 minutes early thanks to Ascende Learning’s courses. (I was Administration 2 in the AP CS A Admins)

  3. A couple of years ago my daughter took APCS at Ascende Learning, because it was very difficult to get JAVA/APCS class at high school. At first I was worried about whether she could manage to learn outside, only after 1-2 months, she was able to progress so well at Ascende Learning. The class material is very well prepared for the APCS test in May. She got a 5 easily, with a lot of time left during the AP test. Big thanks to Ms Wen!

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