USACO Bronze 2


This is the second part of our entire USACO Bronze curriculum, containing Lesson#13 ~ 24.

Suitable students are those who have completed our USACO Bronze 1 course, or have completed USACO bronze training at a different institute. Each and every lesson in our courses are thoughtfully design with thorough analysis of all USACO problems, meticulously crafted, and packed with hand picked problems with each topic and right level of difficulties. Join us to see for yourself. Learn and Ascende with us!


Enroll now and earn 1,200 AscendePoints!

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  1. I’ve taken multiple USACO courses with Ms.Wen and they are so helpful!

    Bronze 2 continues the content of Bronze 1 very thoroughly, providing ample more functions that are very important to solve contest problems. The second part of the course that consists of sample problems to work on together also significantly enhanced experience and prepared me for the actual contest!

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