Cool Snake Games from Students!

Out of all our classes, I would say the Intermediate Java class is the funnest, because students not only get to learn new things, but also get to practice their programming skills while having fun working with their own creations with colors, movements, interactions, and more! Grading homework, for me, is more fun too, watching videos that everyone made out of their own creations.

(Anyone wondering what is the least fun homework to grade? — that would be AP CS A’s Review and Test Prep… Those FRQs are not fun to grade at all, and yet I found myself keep nagging students to turn them in! We humans are complicated creatures for sure! Well.. back to the fun land…)

Recently, the class finished making the SnakeGame, and we had everyone decide what extra features to put in to the basic version.  Here are a few cool creations from our students. P.S. Please don’t mind the video capture quality, they are doing their best!

Score and Highest Score Tracking by Rylan 

And I love the magenta color!



Snake swimming through rainbow colors by Litong

This should be accompanies by our rainbow song! 🙂



Many Cool Features added by Emanuel

Look at the energy value changes and the fun level info at the top left score area, and look at those apples and bombs, and the neon effect from the color choice, so cool!





We are starting a new project, stay tuned!