How to access course student and parent google groups?

Google groups

We use google groups as follows for class-wide communications:

  • Student google group for each onsite class, for example, “2019 Fall Fundamental Java Students”
  • Parent google group for each onsite class, for example, “2019 Fall Fundamental Java Parents “
  • Student google group for each online class, for example, “Online USACO Bronze Students”

What group do I belong to?

To confirm that you have been correctly put into the right group, or to see what group(s) you belong to, visit And pay attention that you need to switch domain, see the screenshot at the end of this post!

What can group members do with the group?

  • Receive important information from us regarding your specific class
  • Discuss class related matters with other group members
  • Post questions to teacher

How Then?

  • You can send emails directly to the group in the same way that you send any email, you can find the email address for your belonged group in the group-wide message that you received from us.
  • (optionally) If you want, you can also access the group at and view all past messages and send message.
  • If you run into any problem, feel free to email, with screenshot that shows the problem that you are having.

Attention – Our google group not in public google domain

**If** you would like to access your belonged group at to view all past posts, please note that because our groups are hosted from the domain, you need to switch domain in order to see the groups, as follows:

That is it for now! Thanks for reading!