Best Intermediate Java Class Final Projects — Summer 2020

HUGE Congratulations to EVERYONE!

I am very pleased to announce and recognize the best projects from summer 2020’s Intermediate Java class. Before we look at the list, I want to stress that I see the amount of efforts EVERYONE put in, and the fantastic job you did! Please do not compare your work with others, but be proud of your own growth and learning! I am proud of every single one of you who tried and did your best! And I personally want to download and play all your games! And keep working on it and make them even better!

>> Link to enjoy all project videos <<

*** Honorable Mentions ***

 Fruit Collector by Rickey — improve your reflexes!

Super Mario by Lawrence — my personal favorite! 

Simon’s Board by Eileen — look at the menu bar and color palette!

Break the Block by Johnny — super fun to play

Jeopardy! by Kevin — a great idea and full of potential!

Castle Clash by Freddy — beautiful hand-drawn arts

******** BEST PROJECTS ********

Mini Golf by Susanna!

Tank Game by Alex!

*** Most Fun Projects ***

Space Game by Steven

Paint! by Jakin

*** Most Creative Projects ***

Kitty Kitty! by Ashley

Ocular by Aaron

*** Most Artistically Appealing Projects ***

Mini Golf by Susanna

Tank Game by Alex

*** Largest Scale Projects ***

Ocular by Aaron

Kitty Kitty! by Ashley

*** Most Technically Challenging Projects ***

Minesweeper by Nathan

Tetris by Martin

Tank Game by Alex