Length of Recordings in Self-Paced Lessons

One of very frequently asked questions on our self-paced classes is that how long is the recordings?

The answer is that the length of all our self-paced lessons are all more or less comparable with live lessons. It is not even uncommon for self-paced lessons to be even longer because we try to include more materials that can’t fit into one live session. Self-paced students will enjoy exactly the same curriculum and learning, and even benefit more with the additional materials from past lessons!

Let’s take a look at Silver 1 Lesson 5 for example that we just updated today! We just had the live lesson earlier today and the self-pace lesson now has all been updated, which now included:

USACO Silver 1 ~ Lesson 5
Part 1 – HashMap and Practices64 minutes (today’s recording)
Part 2 – USACO problem with HashMap : 33 minutes (today’s recording)
Homework Problem #1 35 minutes (recording from a previous session)
Homework Problem #2 9 minutes (recording from a previous session)
Total2 hours and 20 minutes

Hope it helps!