Java Took First Place in USACO Language Usage

Mar 13, 2021

Last year we wrote a blog detailing comparisons among Java, C++ and Python when it comes to choose your programming language for USACO. Our comparison and recommendation still hold, and what has changed is that Java is taking the first place, for the first time, in the language usage ranking! The following is the usage from the most recent USACO contest, which is Feb 2021:

WOW. Java not only surpassed C++11 which has been long-lasting #1 for years, but also with a whooping lead of 1000+ contestants, which is 37% over C++11. This is huge. Granted, Java still doesn’t beat all C++ variations added together, however, this is the first time Java took #1 position after being the 2nd position for years, so its usage is definitely on the rise.

Another thing worth noticing is USACO is upgrading to support of Java 11 from Java 8, and removed the support of Pascal. I don’t see anything our students need to be concerned about with the USACO Java grading server upgrade, however there is any, we will be sure to let everyone know.

And one more nice thing — USACO is starting to add Java solutions for a lot of problems this year, definitely another sign for the significant increase and demand for Java contestants!