Flexibility Meets Rigor

Our online computer science classes are NOT the hands-off buy-and-good-bye online classes that people often see.  We stay closely connected and involved with all our online students and help guiding them throughout the entire course!

What Happened Each Week

  • Starting from the day of the enrollment, one new lesson will be released per week, this way we keep students up with a regular pace to achieve the best results
  • Students go over the recordings and study the materials with the maximum flexibility of location and time
  • Students submit homework online, teacher will grade and return homework to student with award points so they can move to next lesson
  • Students attend weekly office hours online, or come to classroom to meet with the teacher in-person, during the regular weekly session:
    • Students ask questions and get clarification
    • Student get help with their coding problems
    • Teacher check on student’s learning, status and progress
    • The weekly office hour sessions will motivate the students to keep up the pace and go through the curriculum without falling behind
    • The weekly online office hours will be performed with a combination of voice, screen sharing and text, so students can communicate with any way that they are most comfortable with.

Class Materials

  • Curriculum and materials are the same between onsite and online courses.
  • For online courses, we sometime even include more recordings (recorded after class) that don’t fit in the onsite classes because of the time constraints.
  • All recordings are either recorded and edited from live in-classroom lessons, or separately produced.

Engagement and Notification

  • All through the course, there will be frequent communications between teacher and students:
    • Office hours as described above
    • Email communications (student can reach out to teacher anytime through email)
    • Student will receive notifications to get them going:
      • Weekly when the new lesson is ready
      • When they complete a lesson
      • When they uploaded an assignment
      • When the assignment is graded and returned to them (with award points)
      • When student submitted a quiz
      • When student completes a course

With the multiple and frequent close engagement mechanism in place, our E-Learning courses offer the maximum benefits of flexibilities combined with motivation and interaction to help students achieve the best results.

Side-by-side comparison between online classes and onsite classes

Take Classes Online Take Classes in Classroom
Class Topics Same
All Materials Same
Homework, Projects and Test Same
Time to listen to lecture Find your own time to go over recording weekly Fixed time to come to class weekly
Location to take lectures Do it at your own home, save travel time every week Need to come to classroom
When do students seek help Dedicated weekly sessions, and through email (Students will have more time overall to get help) During lecture/practice time in classroom, and through email

Free Office Hours For Online Class Students

We offer office hours twice a week to all online students through Zoom, in addition, students can also make appointment to come onsite to ask questions during office hour time.  If the office hour time doesn’t work for students, they can also ask questions via email. Teacher will schedule Zoom time with students if necessary.

Details are available to all online students in student-only course areas.

Cancel Anytime

Student can cancel at any time and receive refund on the lessons that we have not released on the weekly release schedule.

Note, the first lesson is released and available right away upon enrollment so that student can start the course any time without waiting, therefore, the first lesson is not refundable just as any released lesson.

Prorated refund is calculated based on the number of lessons released, not based on how many lessons the student claims to have taken (or not taken). Students are responsible to take the lessons as they are released and will not receive refund if they fall behind the one-lesson-per-week schedule.

To cancel your online class, email info@ascendelearning.com with student name, parent name if student is minor, enroll date, course name, and reason for the cancellation. If you are not happy with anything with the online course, please reach out to us with your feedback and give us an opportunity to correct or improve.  Our goal is provide the best learning experience and result for students.