Computer Science Course 2021 – 2022

Departing This Summer!
USACO Bronze -> Silver 1 -> Silver2

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    In year 2021, we offer the following computer science programming classes for high schoolers and middle schoolers as group lessons. Students can also take our closely-guided self-paced classes anytime throughout the year with their own schedule. Whether you are looking for a beginner Java class, an AP CS A class to prepare for the 2021 AP exam, or looking to get into the wonderful world of competitive programming, you will find just the very best programming classes for your high schoolers’ needs.

    Group Lessons

    CLASS Learning Mode SCHEDULE
    Fundamental Java Programming (CLOSED) Live Zoom 05/08 ~ 08/14 
    Sat 4 – 5:30 PST (CLOSED)
    USACO Bronze Summer 2021  Hybrid Mode 06/2021 ~ 10/2021
    19 2-hr long sessions
    Live Zoom + Self-Paced 
    USACO Silver 1 & 2 Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 Hybrid Mode 10/2021 ~ 05/2022
    30 2-hr long sessions
    Live Zoom + Self-Paced

    Private Self-Paced Lessons

    CLASS Learning Mode SCHEDULE
    All Classes Self-Paced Mode Start any time
    Learn at your own pace

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