Computer Science Course Zoom Class Schedule Year 2021

In year 2021, we offer the following computer science programming classes for high schoolers and middle schoolers as group lessons. Students can also take our closely-guided self-paced classes anytime throughout the year with their own schedule. Whether you are looking for a beginner Java class, an AP CS A class to prepare for the 2021 AP exam, or looking to get into the wonderful world of competitive programming, you will find just the very best programming classes for your high schoolers’ needs.

Summer 2021 Classes

Fundamental Java Programming Live Zoom ClassesSat 4 – 5:30 PST [ENROLL]
USACO Bronze Hybrid Mode 06/28 ~ 10/11/2021
15 Self-Paced Lessons +
4 Zoom Lessons & Tests [ENROLL]
All Classes   Self-Paced Mode Start and take classes any time [ENROLL]

Spring 2021 Classes

Fundamental Java Programming Mon 4:30 ~ 6:15 PM PST [CLOSED]
Intermediate Java Programming Sun 7:10 ~ 8:55 PM PST [CLOSED]
Introductory Competitive Programming Sun 3 ~ 4:30 PM PST [CLOSED]
AP Computer Science A Review and Test Prep Tue 4:30 – 6:15 PM PST [CLOSED]
USACO Bronze (G9+) Wed 4:30 – 6:30 PM PST [CLOSED]
USACO Silver 1 Thu 4 – 6 PM PST [CLOSED]
USACO Silver 2 Sun 12:45 – 2:45 PM PST [CLOSED]

Useful Links

Why Take Computer Science Classes?

  • Computer Science has become a fundamental subject
    • Computer Programming is becoming a core skill and tool for all different professions.
    • Sharpen logical thinking and problem solving skill
    • Be challenged and reach higher!
  • Why learn Java?
    • Java is the most popular computer programming language. Read more about it.
    • Java is the official language required and tested for AP Computer Science A
    • Java is becoming the most used language in USACO
  • Why Learn AP Computer Science A
    • Our AP Computer Science A course prepares students to succeed in the AP Computer Science A exam from CollegeBoard.  Students must already possessed basic Java programming skills to continue into this course, which covers advanced topics such as object-oriented methodologies, fundamental data structures and algorithms, and more.
  • Why Learn USACO
    • USACO stands for USA Computing Olympiad. The best contestants participate in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), the most prestigious international computing contest at the high school level.
    • Our USACO courses provide rigorous training to students for advanced logical thinking and problem solving, a skill that is extremely valuable and much seeked after to prepare students for higher level educations.

** All references to AP CS here assumed to be AP Computer Science A.