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Last week a parent talked to me over the phone for 30+ minutes asking me all kinds of questions.  One of the questions was — “do you always update the self-paced recordings with the most recent semester’s lectures?”

My answer was (also to anyone with the same question):

NO, But I updated them as I see needed.  If I talked about something new that I think should be added, I would update the recording.  If I have a new practice problem or anything is essentially different, I would update the recording. I always keep improving on the curriculum — nonstop — but I do not simply make update for the sake of the timestamp! It is also not feasible to keep updating the recordings with a total of 9 courses/120+ lessons.

And YES, we constantly update the curriculum whenever I see an improvement or addition that will benefit students.

Today one more Gold 2 lesson is updated, it is not just any lesson — it makes records on multiple levels, so I figured it is worth mentioning. It is — 

  • The only lesson so far that is entirely dedicated to ONE problem
  • The longest lesson so far : over 130 minutes and I didn’t even go through all code details.
  • The longest recordings for one problem (of course).  To better organize the content and give students natural places to pause and allow them focus, the recording is broken down into six videos. Yeah — so that makes it a problem that are explained by most number of videos too.
  • Slides: 17 pages just on one problem

Yup —

6 videos

130+ minutes

17 pages of slides

All on JUST ONE problem – Cowland.


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That is a little insane, and that is how sometime a Gold problem gets. Granted, it is one of the hardest Gold problem in recent years, and I hope our contestants won’t run into such hard problem in their contests!

And I think it deserves to be marked, don’t you agree? 🙂

Keep Learning, Keep Ascending!







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