Who Are We

Teacher –  Ms. Leana Wen

    • 20+ years of software engineering experience from Oracle, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc.
    • 20+ years of Java programming experience (from Java 1.0)
    • Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Master’s degree in Information Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Bachelor’s degree of Information Science from Beijing University
    • Responsible, committed, and organized
    • Loves programming, loves teaching, enjoys working with kids
    • More background at LinkedIn profile:
    • Subjects: Java, AP Computer Science A, USACO Training

Teacher –  Mr. Tom Cai

    • Graduated from Tongji University and San Jose State University with Master Degree of Computer Science
    • Many years of experiences of teaching college students.
    • Numerous math competition awards.
    • 20+ years of experiences in software development industry at Silicon Valley – Facebook, Yahoo, Oracle. Have developed countless softwares using Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java and other languages.
    • Loves teaching
    • Philosophy: combination of grit and humor, learn and have fun!
    • Subjects: Python, Web Programming – Tom Cai

Teacher – Victor Shen

    • UC Berkeley Computer Science student
    • Incoming Software Engineer Intern at ServiceNow
    • USACO Platinum Division contestant
    • Many years of experience teaching Fundamental Java, Intermediate Java, Intro to Competitive Programming, and Python
    • Winner of HackSC Hackathon 2021
    • Experienced in Java, Python, C++, C#, JavaScript
    • AP Computer Science – full score (5)
    • Linkedin Profile

Teacher – Lucy Qiu

    • Senior at Lynbrook High School
    • USACO Gold Division
    • Numerous years’ experience teaching numerous fundamental Java and Intermediate Java classes
    • AP Computer Science – full score (5)
    • Experienced in Java and C++