Awesome Intermediate Java Project 2021 Spring

Check these out! Each semester at the end of the Intermediate Java class, we always have students work on a project completely of their own choice, creation and on their own. The only prompt is to use what they learned from the class! Students have all the freedom to decide what to do, what their project will look like, and how to do them! They start from NOTHING, an empty slate. Every semester I am awed on their passion, dedication, creativity and talent. Check out some awesome projects in spring 2021.

See more of the great projects created by our hard-working and multi-talented intermediate Java students in previous semesters.

Which one do you like the best?

Michael’s 2048 Game


Christina’s Dino Game


Elizabeth’s Snake Game


Jessica’s Dino Game


Hanwen’s Piano Game


Jessica’s Super Real Mario Game


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