How to submit homework with Ascende’s Learning System

With our newly upgraded custom-built learning system, submitting homework and checking your homework status and grade can never be easier. In a nutshell, student will put your work in a google doc and submit the link as homework. Here are the detailed steps:

Quick one-time setup per course

Create a folder in your google drive to hold all your future homework for the course:

Share the folder to be “Anyone with the link can Edit“, so that we can comment and suggest edit for you. All work that yo put inside later shall automatically have the same permission:

Submit homework for each lesson

Create a new google doc and include Lesson# and your name in the document name, for example, “Lesson 3 – John Smith”:

Copy/paste your java code (as text) into the google doc (so that we can directly suggest edit for you as needed to help you):

Take a screenshot of your IntelliJ execution result and paste it underneath your code in the google doc. Copy down the URL of the google doc:

Homework submission area is at the end of each lesson page, paste the URL of the google doc into the box, and hit Submit!

How to know my homework is submitted correctly?

Once your homework is submitted correctly, you will see it at the homework area:

Check past homework submissions anytime

After you submit your homework for a lesson, you can do a lot in the assignment area. You can:

  • download your submission
  • delete it if it has not been graded yet
  • check your approval status: it will either show “pending” or approved with points earned
  • see number of comments it received
  • navigate to the assignment page to view details and have conversation with teacher and TA through comments

The dedicated assignment page allows you to view your submitted URL, and have conversation with TA and teacher via comments.

Students will also view their grades at the homework area. By the way there is also plenty of chances to gain extra credit! In this example, the student gets 110 out of 100.

Instant Email Notifications

Student receive notification when their homework is submitted successfully (we do too right away 24/7!)

When your homework receives a comment:

When a homework is graded:

Any questions? Email