Best Intermediate Java Projects from Fall 2020! (Sunday class)

Our Intermediate Java semester just concluded! We completed three projects as a class during the semester: Tic-Tac-Toe, Snake, and Jetpack Joyride. During the last two weeks, students independently created their own final projects. I’m very proud of what the students were able to make, especially since most of them only started programming this past summer!

During our last class, each student presented their final project. At the end, everybody voted on their favorite projects in three different categories: Most Fun, Most Technically Challenging, and Best Overall. Below, you can find the voting results and project demo videos. Great job to all the students!

Most Fun Projects:

1. Space Shooter (Kevin Z.)

2. Gunman VS Swordsman (Aaron)

Runner-ups: Space Race (Leo), Pong (Raymond), Monster Shooting (Charles)

Most Technically Challenging Projects:

1. Tetris (Samuel)

2. Flappy Square (Daylia)

3. Pac-man (Caius)

Runner-ups: 2048 (Ethan), Space Shooter (Kevin Z.)

Best Overall Projects:

1. Space Shooter (Kevin Z.)

2. Flappy Square (Daylia)

3. Tetris (Samuel)

Runner-up: Monster Shooting (Charles)


Note: I have not yet received videos for Tetris (Samuel), Pac-man (Caius), and Pong (Raymond). They will be added when I receive them.

Space Shooter by Kevin Z.:

Flappy Square by Daylia:

Monster Shooting by Charles:

Gunman VS Swordsman by Aaron:

Space Race by Leo:

2048 by Ethan: